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Habituation Situation: Real-Life Habituator Notes

Marble gift from the Tall Ones

In Bigfoot research, one of the areas that I have had to focus my attention is on practical advice for those who have Bigfoot traversing or living in their property. When the homeowner and the Tall Ones decide to create a back and forth interaction, a habituation situation begins. This is one of acknowledgement of the others existence and allowance to coexist.

I was pleased to be able to get an account of what it's like to share your family's space with a hidden people. The response I got from Susan Sullivan (pen name) of Texas was quite interesting and also very indicative of habituator encounters. Here's what shared: 


I get tennis balls in the yard. I believe they love to throw them at the dogs while we are away.

The significant gifts we received were for the boys. We received a small soccer ball and a small basket ball. They were old and crusty, decades old. Looked like they had been buried and recently dug up (at the time we received them). What was significant about those gifts, is that my boys were in soccer and basketball when we first moved to the ranch. 

We don't gift. We don't have a gifting tree. Well, I didn't think we were gifting, until I began to notice missing dishes. Glasses and see thru plastic cups are their favorites.  We don't mind anymore. Once the shock wore off, we just decided to buy more glasses. 

Marbles are really special gifts, and of course, rocks.

We don't have a gifting tree or a specific location, they gift right next to the back door. We received marbles inside the house. 

One marble I received as a gift in the kiddie pool just after I mentioned to my husband that I was going to buy boats and balls and various pool toys for them to play with at night. We noticed black hair in the filter. Our dogs didn't go near the pool or even near the back porch when we had the pool. I knew it wasn't theirs. 

Tips for gifting: In my opinion, the adults don't care for our stuff. In my opinion, the young ones are taking and giving the gifts.

We usually have other things that go missing. My boys don't like to call it taking or stealing. They think we have some kind of mutual understanding.  

The funniest things that have gone missing are my gold dangly earrings. What is funny is that they only take one.

Susan Sullivan 
Author of Texas Bigfoot In My Backyard 


Some general guidelines I like to advise include - 

Don't lose trust by placing trail cams up. 

Do consider motion detector lights around the home's immediate area so it is known as a no-go zone.

Allow a place on the property that no one ever goes. This is a panic room of sorts they can retreat to where they know no one will cross the line.

Do not feed the Sasquatch. They are unbelievably adept at finding food sources and caring for themselves. When you give them foods and they begin to trust you as a regular feeding source, they can act rather aggressively if feeding stops or does not come frequently enough, creating some unnerving situations for the family. We do not want them to ever trust us for something so vital. We cannot all be trusted.

They do enjoy balls, round rocks, and marbles. Their children enjoy toys. The adults appreciate anything they can carry water in. Many times they will leave you something in return, a kind of collateral that shows they will be bringing it back. You might test this by putting the collateral out and seeing if they bring back your item.

Do not practice hunting on your land. Go elsewhere to do that. Make it a shooting-free zone. 

They appear to like things lined up, so you can always do some back and forth with a row of rocks on the ground, leaving one rock out of sync with the others and see if they move it back. They do like symmetry and order. 

Feel free to play music outside or sing. If you have a garden or orchard, understand that it might be pilfered. My sister lives in the mountains of WV with forests that go for many miles around her. She mentioned their apple orchard along the tree line is always missing the apples on the back side. I asked, "is that the side facing the forest?" She said, "yes." She assumed it might be some raccoon or something that climbed the tree. Nope, it was opportunists. 

I hope this post allowed you to see how natural the back and forth is with the Tall Ones. I had an aunt when I was a kid who lived on the mountainside where my sister now resides. I caught her taking some ham and biscuits to a tree stump near the forest. I asked if we were having a picnic. 

She smiled and wiped her hands on her apron and said, "that is for the white bear man." 

I had to ask, "who is he?" 

She looked out into the forest as if recalling a memory and said, "he looks like a bear, but he walks like a man." 

That was all she had to say to make me nervous every time I used her outhouse. I didn't now about Bigfoot then, didn't know they had white ones, didn't know they had ones in Appalachia. But, it sounded like a monster to me. It actually was a habituation situation. 

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