Dean Paris: Illustrator Extraordinaire

I'm lucky and privileged to work among a great cast of indie artists of all types. Dean Paris caught my attention because his work is so polished and engaging and his personality is so easygoing and fun. I thought I'd share just a sampling of what he does in case anyone is in search of an excellent illustrator -

He also has a memorial etching business LINK on Facebook. 

When asked what he does - here's just a sample of his talents:

Any design, Illustrator or Photoshop tasks
Project planning
Voiceover recording/editing
Script writing, commercials, storyboards
PROOFREADING--   you must never let a document be sent out unless I go over it first!!!

He's done art for Disney, BBC, Universal, Starz, Lionsgate and more! 

I highly recommend him if you are looking for a graphic artist, illustrator, a headstone for your pet, commercial work, editing, voiceovers and more!