Saturday, February 10, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: Is Paranormal Magic or Alchemy?

It dawned on me recently that blogging was really put out as a format for people to share their experiences and their insights into whatever subject matter they choose. Over the years, GHT has become a standard for information and news, but I have lost touch with expressing my author insights. So, from time to time, I think I will be doing "Blog Entry" on Saturdays to share more about the thought process of a researcher.
Today, I'd like to tackle the big question about the paranormal: Magic or Alchemy?

Magic: The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
Alchemy: Any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new.

There is a difference between the two. To me, the paranormal is not magic, it is science not yet defined. It is an element that has always been, will always be here. It may seem like magic, but that is only because we are confused by what launches it and how. What is its substance? What is its rhyme or reason? Well, that is the motivating search in research and investigation.

When I was growing up in an actively haunted estate, I puzzled over why there were quiet periods, spurts of activity, unpredictable happenings out of the usual sequence. I looked to see if there was anything unifying it all and the biggest factor seemed to be the family milieu; human alchemy

People came and went in the household. The balance seemed to change things. We may see paranormal events as something in another realm, yet we are seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling their presence in this realm. They are essentially unknown source of energy interacting in our perceivable universe.

At times, a family can live in a haunted house and have no experiences or very few. Perhaps they excuse things they encounter or they simply don't pay them notice because they don't believe in anything but what they know is here. Some are angry and have many guards up. Others might be too busy to mind the house's moods. 

Yet, another family can move in and all hell breaks loose. There seem to be factors of mental illness, substance abuse, medications, dysfunctional relationships, dark secrets and more that seem to fuel the activity. 

As well, a perfectly normal family can move in and have tons of activity and more often than not, it seems that it starts with children. Having small children in a home somehow changes the balance. Perhaps it's their more right brained tendencies and openness to other realms, or the attraction of children's laughter and nonthreatening ways. 

If a person moves out, another moves in, even if the kids switch bedrooms, it seems to start things up all over again for a time. Another activator for activity is renovating. My thoughts on renovation have more to do with changing the pathway of energy going through a building. My thoughts on the people coming and going has more to do with the overall alchemy that attracts or repels phenomena.

There is a set of circumstances that makes a building an ideal spirit vessel. Only part of this formula involves tragedy and death. The other elements involve the humans there, the waterways, the building construction and layout, the geology, and other factors we have yet to uncover.  All these elements create the alchemy that is favorable or not for a haunting. 

Is the paranormal magic or alchemy? Perhaps the answer is - paranormal is the magic created from the right kind of alchemy. 

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