Friday, February 23, 2018

Birdcage Theater Investigation

Our paranormal investigation team is taking on the Birdcage Theater in Tombstone again. Arizona Paranormal Research  is ready to tackle the ongoing unexplained at this historic rough and tumble town and deadly building.

This old saloon and house of ill repute saw a good deal of shootings and killings in its time. It has 120 bullet holes to prove it.

We are plotting out some experiments to try and once again I will reprise my role as a saloon girl, as last time I announced I was the new redhead, we got an EVP with a western drawl saying, "thank you." 

It is a difficult built to study, as it's tri-level setup and each level has openings to the others that channel sounds from all corners. So, it's best to either sit as a group for an EVP session or go by groups of 2, leaving the rest in the office to wait.

The building got quite a reputation, especially after "Ghost Hunters" show had a full-body apparition encounter and some interesting EVPs. The honky tonk piano sound our team heard at another defunct whore house in another part of the state. This bygone era music seems to be part of a residual set of circumstances in these buildings. 

The question is, what lingers that will respond to us and show interaction and not just coincidence? This is what we seek. 

The last time I investigated at the Birdcage Theater, we heard a disembodied voice a few times, right beside us. They are one of the more unusual things to sound, as they seem to break through the air sounding almost as if there is a puff of force behind them, sometimes mid-word when they begin. 

We will have the building well covered and plan some interesting experiments and some isolation sessions. I will be reporting back on how this goes. 

And, because it's such a fun town to visit, I'll be sure and share some of the downtime fun to be had. 

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