Amazing Drone Videos of Forbidden Scary Places!

You may never hike to these places or travel these distances, but it is possible these days to look at live cameras in lots of locations around the world, peer down on Google Earth, or enjoy a drone video that gives you the most breathtaking looks at some of the most forbidden places. Let's look at just some of these - 

Let's peer into a place known for many missing people and deaths as individuals hiked into the Superstition Mountains in Arizona hoping to find legendary gold. 

You wonder about Pripyat, right? Since Chernobyl incident in 1986, this area has been largely off-limits without lots of stipulations. Will you travel there? Would you dare? Well, let's have a look from the air....

The forbidden dark and confusing forest of Mt. Fuji, otherwise known as the "Suicide Forest." 

How about a haunted town with lots of creepy legends and ghosts? Virginia City, Nevada, from the air.

Want to view the "doorway to hell" in Turkmenistan by drone?

Would you like to fly over Castle Dracula? 

I'm certain you'd like to fly over the haunted creepy forest of Hoia Baciu in Romania where the "Destination Truth" team had a horrible encounter in the circle where no trees grow - 

For those who love abandoned places, how about this abandoned Renaissance Faire location in Fredericksburg, VA?