Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Visit to a Monastery

Monastery: A community of monks living under religious laws. 

On our way to Tombstone for a ghost investigation, Julie and I stopped into a monastery in St. David, Arizona. The Holy Trinity Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe is governed by the Italian Benedictine Olivetan Congregation. 

This little mecca in a quiet little green valley is an unbelievably peaceful and joyful place. The public is free to roam the grounds, the meditation garden, the chapel, cemetery, pond, and more. They also offer retreats.

The community invites individuals and couples who are interested in volunteering for an extended period, say 3 to 6 months, to experience community living within the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedict. Areas needed library, landscaping, kitchen and bakery or wherever needed.

There is a bird sanctuary on the grounds too and, in fact, when I stepped into the very quiet gorgeous retreat that is the meditation garden, I was startled to see peacocks and peahens in the trees, unaffected by my presence, just resting themselves happily near the koi fish pond. 

Here's a compilation of this beautiful place - 

If you are heading down to Tombstone or Bisbee, this is a location you need to stop and wander around. The cemetery hill has a path leading down to a cemetery on lower ground below too, a hike down a beautiful tree-lined path. 

Inside the chapel, I left some prayer wishes for friends who are sickly. You can light a candle for a small contribution. The chapel is silent only, no cell phones. 

I honestly would love to take some time away from life to live there for a few months and contribute. It's effects are amazing on the strained stressed system. I left there feeling centered and also loved.

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