Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What's It Like To Live With Psychic Skills?

What's it like to live with psychic skills? 

I get asked this a lot, but it's an odd point of reference, as anyone who is psychic likely displayed the skills all his/her lifetime, but perhaps felt them increase depending on life events.

Most people think of psychics as people who can tell your fortune. Those are usually relegated to parlor tricks, but a true psychic makes a connection with information about another individual(s) that comes from an unknown source/method that some attribute to spirit guides and others the mystical akashic records. I tend to view it as something vibrational. 

As a skilled psychic, I don't possess anymore tools that would avoid heartache, misery, injury and the like. I, like most people, get a sense of "do not do this" before taking on a task and then later regret that I didn't list. We have no way to verify the "spot on" reads and the "totally missed the mark" ones.

Depending on a psychic's skills, some talents can get in the way. "Empaths" (those who feel/sense others feelings) have a particularly hard time with crowds or being around people who are downers. Psychometrists (those who touch objects and know about others who came in contact with them) may want to avoid antique shops and handling or borrowing items. Healers may feel drained and vulnerable after healings. For each gift, there is a cost. 

When you've been this way your whole life, you simply learn how to ignore or concentrate. I shift my perspective so that I can be unaware unless I choose to be aware. I also tend to use my right hand to calm people down, to offer healing, or to exert power over them if it is needed. I use my left hand on a person when I want to know their feelings, if they are lying, or to check their health status. This simple use of hands is second nature.

Spontaneously, a psychic can be dropped info. It can sometimes be uncomfortable, like meeting someone and knowing they won't live to a ripe old age or possibly having a bad feeling about taking the usual route home and later finding out that a wreck occurred there at the time you would have been driving through.

Most people who do not consider themselves psychics can get the sense of foreboding or bad vibes dismiss it as being superstitious, overly sensitive, or just being negative when in fact they are utilizing the skills. 

Everyone has the "shine," but most don't get to repeatedly focus on it and develop it like a basketball player may perfect a perfect swoosh by repeatedly standing on the court and shooting baskets. 

Psychics are people who are aware they are being sourced and who have learned to interpret it and work with it often.

This interview with Darren Higgins gives a real honest feel for what it's like. 

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  1. True, most people possess intuition, things come right more often than not, yet one does not think it to be intuition.