Monday, January 8, 2018

The World We Don't Know Yet!

We really think we know our world?

Son Doong cave in Vietnam is the largest cave in the world. 

It was found in 2009.

What else have we learned recently that humbled our arrogance and reminds us that we have so much more to learn? 

Antarctica has water lakes and creatures living way under the ice shelf. Lake Vostok is a liquid lake beneath 15-million-year-old ice. When Russians drilled down into it, they found microbes and bacteria living in this lake that is warmed by nearby geothermal activity. 

And, when we think we knew that Antarctica was a giant thick icicle, we found it had caves heated by geothermal activity that allow those inside to wear t-shirts and be very comfy.

Creatures live and thrive in unbelievably hot thermal vents in the ocean.

There are living organisms out in space. 

LINKResearchers from the University of Sheffield and Buckingham University claim to have found evidence for microscopic organisms living 16 miles up in the atmosphere between Chester and Wakefield.

The scientists used a specially designed balloon to gather samples in the stratosphere during the recent Perseid meteor shower.

They found the fragments of single celled algae known as a diatom.

Neanderthal, Denisovans, and "other man" DNA is found in today's Homo sapiens. That was news to us. We didn't even know of Denisovans until several years ago. And it wasn't until recently we found out there was another man we have yet to identify who left DNA in Islanders of the Pacific. 

I am reminded of the Middle Ages and Black Plague. People were dying left and right and no one knew the cause. They imagined it was punishment from God, or perhaps some other magical entity. They were missing a whole entire universe they didn't know existed - the microscopic (bacteria). Once we discovered that part of the world we didn't know about, antibiotics were fashioned and killer illnesses were quelled. Something so tiny and unseen took down millions of people! 

Next time someone says "there is no such thing as ghosts," "Bigfoot is a myth," or "UFO's are all explainable earth-made vehicles," smile and shake your head. 

There's a HUGE world out there we don't know yet!

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