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Hauntings: Mesa, Arizona

For several years I've been following complaints of similar haunting features in Mesa, Arizona. I have been keeping reports from many citizens about encounters and find the heart of it to be around Brown and Center. These are all along the lands of the ancient HoHoKam tribe's canalways with Brown and Center being right near the confluence of these.

My team would like to have a chance to study a home in that area if one has some valid complaints. For now, here are some of the reports. 

Please feel free to comment and leave your own if you have some to add.

Here's the reports - 

Do u know if 533 E. 4th Place is haunted? I used to live here and me and my siblings always heard noises at that house. How can i get information about the property or the history of it? EAST OF MESA, NORTH OF UNIVERSITY

i'd like to see the cemetary and have the feeling other people did the good,bad feeling.i live at 650 south country club dr mesa,az 85210 mesa ridge u know where any their are any haunted places close to me near 8th ave and country club dr.i would like to know if mesa ridge apts are haunted where we are liveing.i would like to also know if the adult probation is haunted untivearsy and main is haunted COUNTRY CLUB NORTH OF 8TH AVE

My name is **** & my house is very haunted. I have been attacked in my house my kids have seen thing's you get touched you hear talking & sometimes they r talking 2 you & the ghost's let u see them even if you dont want 2 my 5 yr old sleeps in the hall cuz it is the only place he feels safe at night. The ghost's we have are women,kids, men & a dark shadow man he is the worst. The kids would play with my kids & talk 2 them 2

I was not surprised to hear about the Landmark being haunted. I live near by, almost across the street and have had these same heavy and uneasy feelings, both at the Landmark and my home. Nothing scary, just unsettling and very interesting! South of Main, West of Extension

245 W. 10th Place, right by hospital at Country Club and Brown... Believe these 2 story apartments were built on old burial ground. Lived there long ago, so did sister and her husband as well as my mother. We all have seen things from what looked like a small child that runs around the upstairs of back apartment to pictures coming off walls, growls, cabinets open, mists, bad feelings and what sounds like a little girl crying or screaming from near the pool area. Also before wall put up at end of 10th place, would see mists and shadow figures walking that would just disappear. Very eerie feeling overall. EAST OF COUNTRY CLUB, SOUTH OF BROWN

Can anybody get me any information on a house. The address is 2550 N 87St Mesa Az 85207. I've had friends tell me that they have seen things in the Windows and heard voices..... SOUTH OF MCDOWELL WEST OF USERY PASS

so i've heard at the petco on university and gilbert is haunted. my friend and some of the other employee's have had some paranormal activity. my friend has heard noises behind her the lockers shifted, and shes heard footsteps. another employee said they heard someone in the bathroom and then walked up knocked on the door no one answered she knocked again and opened the door and no one was in there. customers have reported a man, a cat walking around, and a little girl being mischievous. let me tell you one thing, there is no cat walking around the building, the cat passed away about 4 years ago and they havent had one since.

I lived at 2165 E University Dr. We would hear footsteps upstairs when no one was there. We heard people talking and walking up and down the stairs next door when that home was empty. Would get an uneasy heavy feeling in the home. . UNIVERSITY EAST OF GILBERT

I'm a Mesa native and have had a very unsettling experience in a classroom on the lower level of the current Mesa High School main building. It was near the end of the semester and my class was watching a movie with the lights off and I felt as though someone poked me in my left shoulder. None of my classmates were in reach of my shoulder and when I looked, there was no one behind me. NORTH OF SOUTHERN WEST OF GILBERT

Is Penny Tree Apts haunted I felt like it was its located on Broadway and 2nd ave

Does anyone know anything about the nesbits campground on mckelups and power somthing about satanic worshiping there's buildings in that area any info ??

Hi my name is *** & I have been working at 1050 E. University suite 11 Mesa,Az 85210 for 5+ yrs & have experienced MANY happenings! We have 2 friendly spirits who occupy this office. One is a little boy possibly 6yrs old from the 1920's-1940's & I know this because I have seen him & what he wears to a "T". He likes to play jokes & play tricks. I've heard him laughing also. The other is a woman who resembles my boss but I have never seen her face & she jus walks around immitating her. She actually hasn't shown herself for bout the past 2yrs but I still feel her presence. Lately though I have been feeling a darker presence & kind-of unsettling. I know that there are the old canals near here & that explains the constant occurences. As for what used to be on this land in the 1920's I have really no clue but am interested in finding out. If you'd like to know all my experiences, let me know! =O) UNIVERSITY WEST OF STAPLEY

Try my apt. 604 w. 8th ave mesa park apts. Pots n pans falling. Sound of a mans breathing in one room. Doors opening n closing. Sound of foot steps in the kitchen n hallway (between Country Club and Alma School, South of Broadway) EAST OF EXTENSION NORTH OF 8TH AVE

i live on country club and mckellips, at bayview apartments and my son has had some major activity in his closet (mainly). I read someone else say something about a shadowy figure of a man and that he is bad, i think i have the same thing. i have pictures of it as well, my son calls him the lone man, he's three. ive had his door open by itself, toys go off by them selves, faces in pictures (mens faces), I even think my son may have been possessed one night.

I went on a tour of 9937 E University Drive home in Mesa and you could feel multiple spirits throughout the home,but I can't find any history on the place aside from being built in 1950. UNIVERSITY EAST OF ELLSWORTH

I lived at Playa Palms Apts on Country Club and Guadalupe area in Gilbert and my apt was defiantly haunted. Can't find any info about it online.

Balls of light flying around and then shooting into the air vent. Feeling of being watched. Things moved. Tapping on window or walls. Scratching in walls. (Not rat scratch either). I woke up around 2am hearing my 2 yr old daughter talking. She said a.lady was in her room and wanted her to go with her. Creepola. My daughter slept with me for abt 2 weeks after that. Also, TV turned off and on. Channels changed by themselves.telephone always had interference. I saw a boy in overalls in my bedroom.I lived there from 96 to 98. It is also close to railroad tracks. Anonymous

My ex husband was a Paramedic years ago in Mesa. He got a call one day to go to the Mormon Temple to aid a man with chest pains. He and his coworker got there and an older man met them and said the man having chest discomfort is downstairs and that they were not permitted downstairs. Only certain select people of the Morman church were allowed downstairs/basement area. The man wanted my husband to call to a phone that was downstairs and verbally walk another man through what to do to help the chest pained man. My husband was pissed and felt it was a prank and started to leave. The man said no, wait. He left and came back after 5 min and said only 1 of you can go down with me to the basement where the man with chest pains was. So my husband went. Several men of the church went with my husband, walking behind, in front, and to the sides of my husband, as if blocking him from wondering off or seeing something he wasn't suppose to see. They went through several doors, walked down several stairs, walked through several winding hallways, passing several rooms with closed doors. All the halls were painted white. No pictures. The men didn’t talk to my husband on the way to the ill man and they hurried my husband to the place the man was. My husband said they went through a maze to get to the man and it was like a tunnel underground where the room was. It was musty and cool. He finally got to the old sick man. The old man was dressed in all white, a suit, with a white beard. The other 4 men with him had white suits on also. My husband went right to work on the man. I believe he had a stroke. My husband did what he could and said he has to go to the hospital. The men said they would take him to the hospital, refusing the ambulance and escorted my husband back upstairs. Before my husband left the basement, 3 of the men in white took my husband aside and asked him not to reveal or discuss where he had been or anything he may have seen. My husband actually laughed out loud thinking they were kidding. They were not. My husband told the men that all he saw were hallways and doors and a sick man. He was then escorted back upstairs. When my husband left, he talked to his partner about the weirdness of it all. His partner knew about the basement tunnels and said he went into a portion of a tunnel when he was a kid from a store off main street that is family use to own. So there is definately tunnels in downtown Mesa. Especially under the Morman Temple expanding under the lawn of the temple and who knows where else. 101 S. Lesuer EAST OF MESA DRIVE, 1ST AVENUE

I've always felt watched in my home witch is right next to Jefferson Park. I recently adopted 2 kittens and while holding them, they both suddenly tensed up and stared intently in the same direction at seemingly nothing... and I couldn't get them to look anywhere else for quite a while... even offering food didn't break their focus from the area they were staring at. Needless to say, it really freaked me out! I live at a house on Aspen Ave.- off of Jefferson which runs along Jefferson Park. Any other reports from residents in this area?

We live at Gilbert and University and have had a ton of weird things happen in our townhouse. Footsteps upstairs night and day, feeling of being pushed down the stairs, feeling of being watched, things have flown off of the walls, sounds like someone is turning front door handle, bad luck constantly, animals looking up stairs growling, closets opening on their own and more. We sage and sage, but it doesn't seem to help. It makes me wonder if the house itself is haunted or if it is the land. Who knows what was here before the townhomes were built...

Does anyone know about the house on 1460 N Shill Dr. (Center north of Brown) When I was a kid, I'd hear weird stories about it, since it looks weird and is just on top of the hill overlooking that elementary school. Looks kinda eerie to me.

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