Feng Shui and Placing Spiritual Items in Your Home

If you have spiritual texts or icons or altar, it is ideal to locate it in the NW sector of your home - the heaven/spiritual space. Altars are also ideal directly across from the front door.

LINK: Religious symbols such as crosses, stars, or crescents have points and emit strong energy. They should not be displayed on the front door, at the end of a hall, across from a bed, or behind someone seated (such as at a dining table, desk, or sofa).

It is recommended to avoid symbols like crosses and Star of David in the bedroom, as that room is not in alignment with the spiritual. 

Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms are not ideal places for religious icons or altars. However, they are ideal in foyers, living room, or special room designated for the spiritual.

Some of these principals are helpful for those who have actively haunted homes. In offering some protections, always consider the religious/spiritual beliefs of the home's occupants. Holy water will do nothing for someone who is not Catholic. It is critical that these cleansings align with the homeowners.

If you offer them to have protection or positive energy, consider having them organize a table across from the front door where things of a spiritual nature in an altar like combination are set up, whether it's plants and seashells, photos of beloved family, an open bible, a statue of Buddha, or incense. 

Feng shui isn't so much a belief, as an ancient practice. Clearing of clutter and adding light are part of the process of making an ideal positive energy in your home, but the placement of religious and spiritual items can add another element. 

Give it a try and see how it works. 


  1. Thanks for the useful information.

  2. "Holy water will do nothing for someone who is not Catholic."
    Holy water is used by Catholicism, Anglicanism, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, just to name a few. Blessed water can be found as baptismal water in many other Christian faiths.
    The Ancient Greeks had water called chernips. Sikhs have a holy water amrita. Sunni Muslims have Zamzam... and so on...


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