Sunday, December 17, 2017

Stones, Gems and Crystals: Their Effects

Rocks, gems and crystals have long been used for healing but some might not understand how, why, or the effects on our health, hauntings, and the earth.

Let's begin with a comparison:

Crystals are like generators that put out energy to make things happen. These are best for manifesting, giving energy to a wish or desire.

Gems are like light bulbs that take in the energy and radiate it in a condensed area - concentrated and contained. These are best for healing.

Stones are like the power cord from the generator to the light bulb. These are best for directing energy to focus.

The use of these correctly can create amazing things.

If you put stone beneath a house or in a home's foundations or walls and then you have it sitting atop a geology with crystals going through it - like quartz, you get an energy center. Whether that energy is good or bad depends on other factors like the feng shui (layout of rooms, doors and windows) and the emotional and physical history that played out in the building (an old sanitorium versus a happy family home).

So, a home that is an ideal spirit vessel for ghosts can be the best home you ever lived in where people come back to visit and everyone wants to gather or it can be a thing of disruption, rage, and disease. It depends on what played out in the setting formerly. And it can also depend on what you do while you are a resident.

And, yes, you can change the energy of your home from a negative past resident or negative history. More on this aspect in a future post. 

This rock stack marks a vortex at the airport mountain in Sedona

Rock stacks are a wonderful use of stones and the power we hold within to feel and balance the tiniest nuances to create a lightning rod to positive energy. 

(one I built on my patio)

The act of looking for a balance in stones and handling them can be a very rewarding one. As you handle each stone, feel its weight and texture, but also get a sense of whether it will cooperate or not. When you get a rock stack built and balanced, it's as if each stone cooperated in the process. And what occurs is an interesting focus of energy. Ancient masons surely knew this skill and the power behind building with rock. I have a rock stack in my home and it is topped by a hunk of amethyst. It is like a lightning rod for good fortune. 

Some good music to build rock stacks to (rated as the #1 most anti-anxiety song ever created)

If you want to begin to explore the world of stones, begin with the practice of rock stacking. You will begin to see the grounding that takes place.

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