Pirate's Treasure: Solve the Riddle and Find It!

Olivier Levasseur didn't just have a fancy name, this 17th Century pirate referred to as La Buse. He pretty much guaranteed his future fame and remembrance by doing what pirates did best - creating a pirate map and hiding a treasure!

La Buse skipped around the Indian Ocean into the 18th Century. When he was finally caught at the age of 40 and hanged, right before his execution he yelled out at the crowd,

"Mes trésors à qui saura comprendre !" (My treasures to those who will understand!) The following cryptogram was tossed out -

For centuries, people have combed the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, and the Seychelles Islands in search of the treasure. The cryptogram remains a tricky translate. 

This remains a mystery with a fair amount of attempts each year to discover it. If La Buse actually did hide a treasure, a few centuries of development and population growth have not uncovered it. We can all agree, that was exceptionally well done!