1967: Unprecedented Paranormal Year

I am going to propose something rather revolutionary and highly unusual. For some, you will shake your heads, for others, a light will turn on in your mind. I encourage you to take this concept and run with it. Much of what I have done in the field of paranormal is about the human catalyst/receiver/perceiver. This embodies that research.

**This was co-authored with a great researcher and mind, James Carroll**

The way to begin this discussion is to show you what happened in 1967 - the single most "paranormal" year ever recorded.



Belmont, Ohio:  A construction worker came early to have his coffee and prepare to expand a dug hole. As he leaned against the hood of his car to drink his coffee, a loud crash sounded. He turned to see a giant rock atop of his car, having broken the back window from the pressure. 

He yelled for whoever it was to stop it, he had almost paid off his car, but clods of dirt continued to be tossed at him and the vehicle. 

He was answered by wild animal grunts. 

The worker ducked down on the ground. His foreman made his way over to see what happened, shocked that he had been attacked. It took quite a bit of time to calm the man down.

Bluff Creek, California:  Roger Patterson led a companion into the forests of Bluff Creek region in Northern California and what began as a search for reported tall hairy man became one of the most hotly debated pieces of evidence ever - the Patterson Film.

(Clearest image obtained by MK Davis)


Local encounters in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, with a strange red-eyed flying moth-man reached their peak in 1967. Along with these sightings, locals also reported a great deal of UFOs in the sky. Many have associated the collapse of the Silver Bridge in December 1967 with the Mothman's appearance and perhaps being a harbinger of the disaster.

Jersey Devil

Lindalou Dunphy said that an 8-foot creature jumped in front of her car in 1967 as she and her mother drove down the roadway in Ocean County. 

UFOs and Encounters

Falcon Lake:  In May 1967 a man named Stephen Michalak would become known for the best physical evidence of alien encounter ever. That wasn't want he set out to do. He was actually out for a relaxing vacation prospecting silver in the great outdoors. 

He looked up at some geese overhead when he saw two red lights descending in the sky.

They hovered over the ground.

One took off into the clouds, the other landed and turned a sort of metal gray.

The craft displayed purple lights and occupants inside with protective glasses. It created a potent sulfur smell. 

The craft was very lit up as it sat there and he curiously came up to it. When he got close, he saw what were like laser security lights. The paneled door shut.

He went over near a vent. His glove melted when he reached out to touch the craft. The vent put out so much heat, his shirt caught fire and he ripped it off in agonizing pain.

When the vehicle departed, he had a headache, vomiting, and pain. 

He was treated for burns. And, even today, this case is still talked about for the physical evidence. 

Shag Harbour:  In October 1967, a small fishing community in Nova Scotia would forever be attached to one of the biggest most baffling UFO crashes. 

Witnesses that night saw four orange lights in the sky. All of a sudden, the sequencing lights took a 45-degree angle to the water. The lights then seemed to float on the water, a half mile out.

The police were called.

One witness said the four lights were attached to a craft perhaps 60 feet long.

The police arrived and saw a yellowish light on the vehicle and a foamy wake behind it that glowed yellow.  When the light disappeared, they weren't certain if it went underwater or somehow left faster than the eye could discern.

Once no missing aircraft were reported, a team was put together to search for wreckage in the water. According to witness reports, the object moved underwater to near a submarine base where it was caught on radar.

Reports were done off record, but included a military chase of these underwater objects that eventually went some distance before leaving the water to shoot up into the sky. 

The case remains a mystery with many looking for evidence and artifacts on the sea floor. The number of witnesses who were quite credible, put this incident high on the greatest UFO encounters recorded.

Betty Adreasson:  In Massachusetts in January 1967, Betty Adreasson was at home with her large family, washing dishes. Around 6:30, the lights blinked in the house. A reddish light beamed in through the kitchen window.

The father tried to comfort the family, but just then some beings walked right through the wood door. Telepathic communication ensued between the beings and some family members.

Although the encounter was unsettling, Betty felt the overall tone was one of friendship. Betty was taken to a craft. She experienced some discomfort followed by a nearly religious-feeling experience. 

When they returned Betty, the let the family out of their trance-like state. 

Eventually, Betty's case was evaluated by many professionals and continues to be an ongoing study.  

Malmstrom AFB:  March 1967, the unthinkable happened - a UFO over a military base shut things down. 

This site of minuteman missiles had a warning alarm sound. When the men at the site were called, they said they had not been doing any maintenance and that a UFO hovered overhead.

After one missile had gone off on alert, the others did in rapid succession. Within minutes, all 10 missiles were down. It took an entire day to get the missiles back in proper order. 

Ashland, Nebraska abduction:  In December 1967, Herbert Schirmer, a police officer, was doing his usual rounds when he saw red lights blinking and assumed it was a vehicle until he got closer. He viewed an oval metallic object floating over the highway about 8 feet off the ground. It rose up with flames underneath and shot off.

Later, under hypnosis, the officer recalled his car dying and his radio shutting down. Something emerged from the craft and made him unable to move.

He remembered some unusual things like the beings being positive, friendly, utilizing the power lines for energy, and coming from Venus.

Mass sightings in Indiana: (sourceThe event on or around January 3, 1967, at Richmond, Indiana, marked the first of many sightings for Indiana. At 2:00 AM an inverted mushroom-shaped object hovered over a car for 10-15 minutes. The area ahead was brightly lighted. Forward motion of the vehicle slowed, it was unable to accelerate, and there was a loss of steering control. (1)

The region was also experiencing strange objects in the sky. On an unknown day in January 1967, city, county, and state police were dispatched to an area west of Galesburg, Illinois after reports of sightings of a large UFO, "bigger than a trailer", with blue lights and a funnel on top were received. One Knoxville farmer and several motorists reported that the UFO "was round, big as a house, had no flying lights, but let off a greenish-blue light." Vibrations from the craft could be felt in the farmer's truck as it followed him along the Victoria blacktop about 7:00 PM. ( 34) And on January 7th, things were happening near St. Louis, Missouri. There was a sighting of a domed disc with lights on the dome, which hovered, tilted and sped away. (31)

Rocker Sammy Hagar says he was abducted in 1967 as a teen. A few of the little aliens visited him and communicated telephatically. His descriptions were strikingly similar to that of other abductees and the nuances of encounters. He swears it changed his life.

I, myself, had an encounter in 1967 that remained in the mists of my mind in vague glimpses until I underwent hyponosis and got full recall of it. Later in life, I would have more encounters with "greys" that I came to write about in my Kindle book "My Alien Encounters." 

I was lying in the bed and turned to know there was someone in the room. About 6 feet away was an alien grey with a stone in the middle of his forehead. I remember thinking to myself "he's the king." Beside him on each side were tall white slender beings with similar bodies, but pale white compared to his silvery gray. I did not look up to their faces, but they were easily 7 feet tall. I stared at this being.

I knew things without words. It wasn't language he was giving me, but I was interpreting into my thoughts in a language style. Basically he was saying, "I gave you things that make you different. You will go through many trials before you use these gifts. When you do, you have a mission. You will not see me again." 

I felt a wistfulness, as I thought of him as a kind of father in a way and I knew we had more encounters previously but I did not recall the details of those. 

I did not see him again until my life had gone through enormous trials and I came out of the last bad one when I began to use my skills and not fear them. Those skills included, a genius-level IQ, facial amnesia, spatial synesthesia, and an array of psychic skills including psychometry, healing, clairvoyance, premonitions, and mediumship. When I started using the skills, they came back again. And, when it was time to know my mission, he came back, but this time would not let me turn my head and look at him.

I spent a lifetime disinterested in space travel or aliens and the like. I saw many UFOs but didn't give a thought to origins. It wasn't until I opened up the memory in adulthood and began to use my skills that it all came back to me and in a big way! I have had to resolve with myself that, yes, I've had these encounters, many of them sitting up, moving about and wide awake, and I have made it my goal to understand what and how by observing and archiving the details of how they come and go and pass information. 

This is yet another example of an unusual year or awakenings. And, from what I was shown, 1967 was intended to begin regular encounters with the unknown to see if humanity is ready for the interactions. There is more on that in my book (LINK).


Poltergeists: Rosenheim (Bavaria) - A law office reported objects moving, electrical disturbances and more. Florida -  a warehouse had objects moving over one month's time with many employees witnessing simultaneously. 

People dying in 1967:  In the research, we found an odd number of ghosts who died in 1967: Tomorrowland in Disneyland, a teen tried to jump from one vehicle to another and got dragged and killed. He is still seen there upon occasion. Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan. An author, Dorothy Parker who ran a ghost story group that met there regularly, had tried to commit suicide there in 1939. She later died i 1967 and is said to haunt the place. A ghost town called Calico in California is said to be haunted by Lucy Lane who died there in 1967 after a very long life there. Cornell University had a fire that killed several, said to still haunt the campus. 

How about celebrities who passed? - Edward Hopper, Rene Magritte, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Che Guevara, Otis Redding, Langston Hughes, Jane Mansfield, Jack Ruby, Carson McCullers, Gregory Pincus, Claude Rains, Brian Epstein, Spencer Tracy, Billy Strayhorn, Carl Sandburg, Dorothy Parker, Francis Ouimet, Joe Orton, Paul Muni, Vivien Leigh, Henry Leigh, Henry J. Kaiser, Woody Guthrie, John Nance Garner, John Coltrane, Tommy Lucchese, Lawrence Beesley, Gus Grissom, Wolfgang Kohler, Ciro Alegria, Henry Allen, Henry R. Luce, Basil Rathbone, Jean Toomer, Rex Stewart.

In fact, Vivien Leigh's ghost is said to haunt a pond in Sussex.


Just some disasters of 1967:
Apollo 1 blew up and killed 3 crew members during a launch rehearsal. There was a blizzard known as the Chicago Blizzard of 1967. NYC and DC were both struck by the blizzard that winter. Hurricane Beulah spawned 115 tornadoes across Texas, and 688 people died. The Queen Mary took her final voyage and a crewman got crushed to death by a door.

What was happening in 1967 to make it such a chaotic year?

Solar Flares

1967 was a very potent year for sunspots and the resulting geomagnetic activity on earth.

Consequently, that was the single greatest recorded year of para experiences.

Remember back in earlier 2000s when Ghost Hunters show was having tons of hits and then it petered off around 2006 and onward? Exactly aligned with para activity.

What is going on?

The one thing that was extraordinary about that year was the amount and intensity of solar flares leading to geomagnetic storms on the earth. 

I've talked about what these can do to the human brain, everything from higher suicide rates to vivid dreams. It does affect the human brain. That being said, it may not be that more activity occurs then, but that we are better receivers of that input - we are more tuned to notice it. 

It was found that geomagnetic storms can disrupt the limbic system and those with seizure disorder of temporal and parietal lobes. Incidentally, these lobes are often associated with poltergeist activity and people who encounter or see ghosts and other phenomena. 

So, might those effects of the geomagnetic storms make us see things or simply be more receptive to a spectrum we don't compute otherwise? 

That's a good question, and one has to ask how is it possible see something together if it's just made up by the individual brain? Group witnesses are often part of the experience of encountering the paranormal. If geomagnetic storms affect our brains, it might be opening us up to seeing the same event together, because if it were imagined, we would see separate experiences such as individual hallucinations.

Possibly we are built to have another sense but it takes brain stimulation like geomagnetic storms or hallucinogenic drugs to perceive those realms. 

On any other night, might people have missed the Shag Harbour event all together? Might they have driven down the road by the harbour and not glanced out or glanced out but did not view the event? Could the conditions have been ripe for them to actually visually digest that which is always there, but their brains are not simulated to gather the input? 

The parietal lobe, which is affected by geomagnetic storms, is referred to as the God Center - the part of the brain able to perceive the concept of "another." Are we wired to sense another layer to our world when we are stimulated in the parietal lobe? 

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