Spontaneous Psychic Communication Syndrome

Spontaneous psychic communication syndrome -
That's what I call it when you are suddenly thinking of someone for no reason at all, but they are in your mind and they won't leave... then you get an email/phone call/visit/text from them. 

This happening is more common than most people realize.  And it can feel pretty freaky.

There appears to be a facet of human sense that includes "intention." When someone is thinking of you or intent upon your, you pick up on it and focus.

If you've ever felt someone's eyes upon you in a room and turned to exactly the spot and saw someone staring at you, you know the power of intention. 

It is an interesting and fairly weak aspect of the Homo sapiens brain.

The question is, in a being with a larger brain, how developed is this "intention" receptor? And might it help them to avoid us all together? 

Under the psychic categories, this would be called precognition (knowing an event before it happens)

The question is how it works and how we get cues and more importantly how we interpret cues. Some of us think about a song, get into the car and it's on the radio. We don't even realize that. Others realize it and go "what a crazy coincidence!" and they blow it off as a rare event. Others think they probably should buy a lottery ticket that day because they are tuned in. 

That natural "groove" is critical. If you test your psychic skills regularly on line, you get a strange confidence and smooth feeling when you are going to make a perfect hit. 

Above is a score I had on a test that asks you to guess where in that big square the red dot will show. My guess was the tiny solid blue square (under the red dot). It was pretty much spot on. When I did it, it was so automatic and smooth, so easy and positive that there was no doubt in my mind in a fraction of a second that I had a hit. Here's the key: I did not allow myself to think about where the red dot was, I acted quickly and "instinctively" to choose. 

If we are in a similar state of mind that is instinctive, we will pick up on information and then sort it out instead of focusing our mind on information and looking for it. In other words, the answers will find you, you will not find the answers. 

I spent my life up until my 20s not knowing I was psychic. I was using it all the time, but I had no idea that was an extra sense. I didn't know other people didn't get extra information touching things, or have premonition dreams, or know things that they had no access to. I was using the skills without recognize that they were skills.

A person with artistic talent assumes that they were somehow born with a skill and they use it. They don't ask how or why. They simply use a skill they are inherently good at.

It is the same with our PSI skills. We are born with the capability, but whether we decide to utilize it or not is up to our life path and our priorities. The artist doesn't always create art, they may simply enjoy going to galleries or having art on their walls. And, psychics can either use it or be fascinated by those who do. An inherent interest in psychic skills is a good sign that there is a talent going unused.

We are all psychic, but we are not all attuned to the process or recognize it as such. We work in coincidences, ignoring, calling it "luck." But, we are accessing information from a means that is not defined yet, but I have no doubt at all it will be in the near future. At that point, perhaps we can take our intellect to a new level by recognizing the skill and using it for the tool it is. 

As for the person who contacted you on a day you were thinking about them incessantly, let's just call it "spontaneous psychic communication syndrome" until further research tells us how we get it and how to have it more often or control it. 

When we have a sense of intention when it is upon us, imagine how alert we could be to danger and to joy? 

Ultimately, the answers to psychic connections will likely be explained by the science of quantum physics.  

There is physical phenomenon called "quantum entanglement" in which two particles that are linked, can be separated by a whole distance and what happens to one, happens to the other simultaneously. This connection has not been understood yet, but it leaves an open pathway to understand how someone could think about you and you could know it the instant they are thinking it. It might also explain passage of psychic information. The only thing holding us back is our on ability to recognize that connection and compute it in our minds.

This, however, could happen spontaneously. Under the right conditions, our ability to recognize and interpret those quantum entanglements could be the key to these moments of psychic communication. In fact, it could be that when something traumatic happens across the globe, we feel a moment's twinge of disturbance and don't realize what it is. No one talks about having that twinge at that very moment, so we blow it off. Later on, we find there was a tsunami on another continent.

It's easy to dismiss, be distracted, not understand spontaneous communication by psychic means, but we are starting to realize significant moments of it, like when a family member is sick and we start thinking about them and call. Taking note of these intermittent connections is the first step in recognizing them in the future.

Here's just some examples of spontaneous psychic communication -

Thinking of a song and it comes on the radio
Thinking of a word and someone uses it
Say the same thing at the same time as someone else
Worrying about a loved one and finding out they aren't well
Thinking about someone and then they contact you
Having a dream visit with someone and your description matches their home in your dream
Emailing/texting someone at the same moment they email/text you.

We used to refer to this as your "ears are burning." But, knowing someone was concentrating on you is not a rare thing. If more people discussed it, they would find out how many connections are made in a day. Some of the best business successes know how to utilize this expertly for the best "timing" imaginable.

The next time you can't get someone out of your mind, maybe someone you don't even usually think of, note if they contact you within 24 hours.

They likely will!


  1. Getting a call from someone I was thinking about used to happen all the time.


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