Friday, November 10, 2017

Mega-Sized Megaliths

There are stone megaliths and then there are STONE MEGA-MEGALITHS! This post is about the most enormous and incomprehensible ones - Enjoy! 

Gornaya Shoria in Siberia - (above pics)

At perhaps 3000 to 4000 tons each of granite and 131 feet tall total, these stones (look at the man in the picture for scale) could be the largest megalithic site in the world. They were discovered on an expedition in the Southern Siberian Mountains by Georgy Sidorov.

The Pregnant Woman Stone of Baalbek, Lebanon -

The stones weigh in at 1,260 tons. The stone had been considered the largest quarried stone by the Romans - but it might be up for a run for its money if the newly discovered Siberian stones (above) are found to be valid after researching thoroughly.

Thunderstone in St. Petersburg, Russia -

The stones weigh in at 1250 tons. The statue's pedestal is the enormous Thunder Stone, claimed to be the largest stone ever moved by man. The stone originally weighed about 1500 tonnes, and was carved down to 1250 during transportation to its current site.

Pumapunku -

This Incan site in Bolivia is part of a large complex of sites including Tiwanaku. Plataforma Litica slab is 6.75 x 38.72 meters wide and approximately 131 metric tons. It dates around 500 CE (common era which basically is the politically correct term of reference for AD). It is still not understood how these stones were cut at such incredibly precise angles. It is truly one of the most impressive stone work examples of all time.

Colossi of Memnon -

These stone carvings were transported 420 miles over land (not using the Nile). These tall statues of Amenhotep III are 700 tons each! They have been standing since 1350 CE (Common Era).

We get caught up in thinking we are somehow more intelligent or technologically advanced for having cars and cell phones, dryers and computers, but there is a knowledge that still baffles us - the knowledge of just how these determined workers from "ancient" times were able to move mountains!

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