Diverse Cultures Across the Globe With Similar Petroglyph Images

Fremont Indian State Park, Utah

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Across the world, ancient art on rock walls teaches us much about the priorities of the ancient people in their day to day lives and spirituality. But what do we make of cultures that had no contact when they portray the same images on their rock walls that are not everyday items one encounters like wildlife and water? Let's have a look at some unusual similarities from disparate cultures. 

Above, these rock drawings look unbelievably similar, but the top one is from the Hopi tribe in the area of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. The second photo is of the oldest cave drawings in Australia.

The circle with the cross symbol: First photo Cahokia mound area on the Mississippi; Second photo in New Mexico; Third photo from Denmark.

The spiral is easily the most common shape seen around the world from ancient times. Above: First picture from Australia; Second picture from Canary Islands; Third photo from Crow Canyon, New Mexico; Fourth photo is from Ireland; Fifth photo is from Nicaragua; and the sixth photo is from Tucson, Arizona.

Pyramids, legends of cannibalistic giants, symbols, canal systems, astronomy, skull elongation... man around the world has carried similarities far apart and without contact. Were we influenced by aliens as some believe, or perhaps we traveled the seas and we don't have evidence of it, or did man around the world encounter a prior culture that gave them the same influences?