Saturday, November 11, 2017

APR Cases: Feng Shui in Action in Haunted Locations

I am lucky to work with the most curious and amazing minds in the field of paranormal research, both my paranormal investigation team and the Bigfoot research team. We have an ongoing case with APR (Arizona Paranormal Research) that has me thinking about feng shui and the potential to work with this concept at an ongoing study at a mining town.

Our APR team has been discussing the effects of feng shui on a building.

This is the ancient Asian practice of studying pathways that energy "Chi" travels. There is good chi and bad chi. A building's orientation and the orientation and content of rooms, windows, and mirrors all affect how that chi travels and what kind of chi it attracts. I have written somewhat about why hallways are so haunted in this post (LINK).

Our team is puzzled by a building in a mining town that we have been studying for some time. It was used by the bank in the mining days and the front of the building is original, but the back half of the building was part of a building from another nearby mining town. It makes a kind of Franken-building.

And, the effects are amazing, from being touched, grabbed, balls of green light dancing around, and tons of EVPs.

I explain this in feng shui sense like this -

You open the front door and the chi energy from the mines and the mountain straight ahead, sweeps right into the building. It heads toward the back where it is met with a narrow opening that is the doorway to the added on part of the building that contains small rooms that act like tight cul-du-sacs.

If you think of water rushing through a model of the building, the water pouring into the huge front room and then hitting the narrow opening to the back rooms, would spill back into the main room through that tight doorway. That overflow of energy going in and out against each other creates phenomenon. It charges the chi coming in from the mines.

Imagine, if you will, a tsunami that pulls the water out of the shore and adds it to the weight of the water that is determined to find a place to spill out, collapsing onto the beach and all the waterfront like a cup running over. If you ever used a board to push water forward into a tight area, you'd know what results - calamity!

An experiment to try on this building is to block off the doorway that leads to the added on part of the building, the giant cul-du-sac battery area. Without this to charge and spit back energy, the activity may quiet considerably. Energy sweeping through the main room would roll back like an even wave on the ocean instead of a riptide.

This is an experiment we plan to try on our next study of the building.

Each time our team decides to attack a situation that is repeatedly occurring, we try to narrow down why it is occurring by affecting some of the principles, whether that is the humans in the building, the linear planes, the energy circuit, or what might cause stimulation or quiescence.

We learn much when we realize what affects the energy that is expressed during hauntings. In this way, we might begin to understand how to create interactions or even prolong them.

This is the exciting field of research that keeps us going!

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