Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Unexplained Mummy

"Unknown Man E" was discovered in 1881 and what a mystery this find brought - 

This mummy baffled. He was very unusual because he appears to have been embalmed quickly, without removing the brain and viscera, sewn into goatskin (sign of disgrace/unclean), hands and feet bound, and placed in a cedar box, the interior of which had to be crudely hacked to widen it, and wearing golden earrings that shows status. He was 18. He might have still been alive and left to agonize. No embalmer's incision was found. He was from around 1200 BC. It was first thought he was poisoned and in agony but it appeared that he might have been buried alive and asphyxiated.

It is believed that this fellow is Pentewer, a son of Ramses III who collaborated with his mother (Tiye), the wife of Ramses, to take over. When DNA samples were studied from the unknown mummy, it appeared conclusive that the mummy was the son of Ramses III.

For over 100 years, this case remained very unusual and most curious. The case hasn't been closed, but we have learned something about retribution in 1200 BC Era among the burial sites of kings.

More info:
Radiology of the mummy

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