The Halloween House

In Gilbert, Arizona, a fantastic Halloween extravaganza occurs nightly at the Halloween House on Melody Lane.

This truly stunning display is full of magic. You arrive to fog, flashing lights, holographic projections, black lights, and roaring voices. It is an utter delight. The little children were utterly enchanted. It included about every Halloween element imaginable. 

It has a tunnel created alongside the house to take brave folks into the darkness with creepy dangling things and holographic spiders and the like. The children squealed with excitement. 

Donations for helping wounded soldiers was the cherry on top of this horror sundae. This was the kind of haunted house on the street that most dream of experiencing. I left this beautiful display having studied it for a long time to be sure I didn't miss a detail. And the details went all the way up the 2-story home. It was an utter delight! 

Music like "Thriller" by Michael Jackson pumped out to the rhythm of flashing lights. Amazing huge animatronic figures tauned the crowd. 

As you can tell, my best friend Julie and I gave it double thumbs up with glowing teeth!