Thursday, October 26, 2017

Studying a Potential UFO

While out in nature enjoying herself outdoors, a woman saw something odd in the sky and took a photo. This photo has become an interesting conundrum. 

If I up the saturation, I see what appears to be something with form and substance.

I pondered a weather balloon at that point.

I cannot at this point explain the bits of light on it, except that this could be part of the clouds that is jutting out and looks round, but has fragments of ice in it. 

So, let's look at this. She took two photos of the sky, seconds apart. But got the ball shape with lights in two different parts of the sky. My next guess would be lens flare from shooting into the sun. 

They are, however, incredibly subtle. Here's one of my usual lens flares (upper right in photo below)- 

The coloring of pastels does make me think of moisture with sunlight like a rainbow, but sundogs are very different - 

I would love input from others. This is quite amazing looking. 

UPDATE: Ruby Leos in Roswell, New Mexico got this shot (below) during a forming tornado. Zoomed in we have a match. This must be a weather condition, one would have to assume, but what kind of weather condition? 

For more information on storms and UFOs, check my posting here about it (LINK).

*Both women photographed with Samsung 4 cell phones*

I happen to have the same phone and I took a picture into the sun and wispy clouds and got a lens flare - green.

Zoomed in on it and found bits of spots in it that are brighter.

It would appear that this is almost surely lens flare and this conclusion is made by the fact that all three cameras were the same - Samsung 4 and they were all pastel colors, all of them shots taken into sunlight. 

In paranormal research commonality is a critical clue. If the same conditions produce the same effect, then there is a commonality. I looked for the commonality - which was where we were shooting, amount of light hitting the camera lens, coloring, shape and quality of the anomaly, and that the same tool was utilized to take the photos. 

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  1. Interesting. I can't say what it is, but I like how you broke down all the possibilities.