Review: "Hell House LLC: Director's Cut DVD"

It is always a pleasure to check out new indie movies as one of the digital press. I am a HUGE fan of all indie artists from music to writers, painters to movie makers. I was offered to get an early screening of the straight-to-DVD movie,"Hell House LLC: Director's Cut DVD" (directed by Stephen Cognetti). 

Synopsis: Fifteen people died on the opening night a Halloween haunted house attraction. A documentary crew revisit the scene of the tragedy to find out what really happened.

If you took The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity and made a baby, that's this film. 

This is a "found footage" type of movie with breaks to do interviews with the "characters" and try to unravel what happened.  

Admittedly, I wanted to like it for the first five minutes but found myself emotionally disengaged because it opens with "footage" that is jerky and dark and noisy. But, when I got past that part and gave it a chance, it moved into some very creepy territory.

The abandoned building was very uncomfortable and I felt as if I were staying there with them. Things occur that are very chilling. Pretty soon, before it's even a haunted attraction, you're certain this house is evil without the props and actors for Halloween.

If you love haunted attractions and abandoned buildings, this is ideal. 

If you tend to be claustrophobic or have motion sickness, it might be a challenge.

It is definitely worth adding to your horror collection, especially if you love haunted attractions and creepy abandoned buildings! 

"Hell House LLC: DIrector's Cut DVD" released October 1st and orders can be taken at LINK.