My Paranormal Investigation Team's Site

As our team honed its focus on experimentation and away from house calls, we para geeks are geared up to share our vast knowledge and our experiments, how they are laid out, as well as reviewing the results with the public to allow others to test these parameters too. 

The site is now up and active at ARIZONA PARANORMAL RESEARCH.

We are still in the process of loading lots of research papers we have published and loads of EVPs, video and photographs. This fall and into winter, expect us to add a great deal of new experiments and our reasoning behind these tests, what we hoped to learn, what we did learn, and how we might alter it the next time. We hope this saves other researchers time in learning what yields results and what knowledge we can glean from our research about the facts that affect either our perception of hauntings or the haunting themselves.

I work with the best minds I know and I am very proud to be associated with this team and its mission. I hope y'all join in and enjoy. I will also post experiments and info on this site as well, but the body of all our information is on that site.