I'm on the Radio Tonight!

8 pm EST/7 pm CST/5 pm PST I will be on Episode 30 of Death the Show. I am ready to discuss all things paranormal. 

I've been diligently working to get the first book out with NewLink Publishing (they are looking for authors, check them out). I will be releasing a paranormal romance series of books - the SEEK Adventure Team series. 

The first book will be "Ghost of a Chance." What I love about this paranormal romance series is that in the backdrop of investigating the paranormal and all the terrors it can involve, a relationship evolves between two members of the team. The series includes real-life incidents to make this as real and educational as possible for readers to learn things they never knew about the subjects. 

Book two will be "Tall, Dark and Hairy" involving Bigfoot investigating. This series is a real passion of mine and it's exactly the kind of books I wanted to read, so I decided, why not just write what we need out there in the book world? 

Expect release early 2018.

I hope you join us for the show tonight!