Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th Movie Series Trivia

You might remember the first time you saw "Friday the 13th." I'm old enough that I saw it in the theater when it came out. I remember the creepy sounds were making me tense up in my seat. I even hid behind my hands a few times, not sure how the people were going to be killed. I had a low threshold for machete slicing.

How much do you know about the series? You might be surprised - take this quiz online.

If you want the ultimate challenge, I suggest this book - 

Friday the 13th, for those of us who love horror, consider it a lucky day, not unlucky. Triskaidekaphobia aside, on this "Friday the 13th" traditional marathon day, ask yourself this - how well do you know the series?

The Ultimate Friday the 13th Trivia Book by Scotty McCoy is going to make you very nostalgic for this much loved series.

1300 trivia questions, 13 chapters about Friday the 13th. In-depth trivia questions that will test your knowledge of the world's most famous horror franchise, Friday the 13th. Do you think you are a true Friday the 13th fan? Test your knowledge with the world's largest trivia book on Friday the 13th. There is 12 chapters (each film of the franchise) with 100 questions in each chapter, plus a bonus 13th chapter with 100 questions involving 10 different parts, such as matching, word search, true or false, multiple choice, this or this, among others. This trivia book is for the die hard fans whom will also be stumped on more than half of the questions provided. This trivia book is a must have for the fans who want to see if they know everything there is about this franchise and you are guaranteed to learn a lot more than you already do.

Just for some fun - let's remember some of the actors who got going with the Friday the 13th series.

Kevin Bacon

Corey Feldman

Crispin Glover

and, if you want the whole series of movies on blu-ray....

The film made $39,754,601 and had a budget of $550,000.

Sally Field auditioned for the role of Alice Hardy.

The movie was mostly filmed at Camp No-Be-Bos-Co in Blairstown, New Jersey, a Boy Scouts Camp. They were only allowed to use the camp after making a sizable donation to Boy Scouts of America. Most of the crew and several cast members also lived in the camp's cabins while filming the movie.

Friday the 13th Items

Enjoy your Friday the 13th and hopefully you get a chance to watch Friday the 13th, as well. It's a classic that earned a watch every time this magical day and date line up!

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