Did These Scare You As A Kid?

Country Bear Jamboree - any animatronics that looked real

Being a kid is hard enough, trying to master tying shoes, riding bikes, and bullies in school, but some things grabbed hold of our fears. See if any of these frightened you - 

Fireworks - boom!

Mall Santa

Open closet door at nighttime - my #3 fear as a kid

Mall bunny


Figurine collections

Dentist's chair

Spider-filled attics

Unfinished basements

Hospital corridors

Wax figures

Headless mannequins

Ventriloquist dolls




Something under the bed 

The dark

The wicked witch - flying monkeys

Child catcher (my #1 fear)

The headless horseman

Radioactive monster from an "Outer Limits" episode was my #2 fear.