Cannibal Jack O' Lanterns

I like to think of Jack O'Lanterns as the original ankle biters, so perhaps having a sidewalk lined with them chewing on pieces of someone's costume parts might make for a scary and graphic reminder to watch it around them! 

Pumpkins are gutted by us for their seeds and fleshy contents, so perhaps pumpkin brain eating is the proper expression of the art - 

Of course, nothing says it quite as well as one pumpkin feasting on another...

Perhaps swallowing a baby.... 

Or, in a Gulliver sort of way a bunch of tiny feasters could devour a big boy! 

In a whale scenario, we might see one eaten alive by the big one. 

You can leave visitors to wonder just what happened to make this pumpkin go cannibal....

A tall stake in the ground with stacked pumpkins for a scarecrow/snowman perspective can intimidate and take the opportunity to use those stick arms to hold guts. 

A pumpkin in a pumpkin jail....

Have your pumpkin eat a doll. 

A stuffed pant leg - says it all! 

(Below) Here's Dale the Doll, my sidekick - *This can be done with disassembled doll*

A helpful book and great tools -