Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bits of Wisdom and Insight From Abandoned Places

Sometimes, you gotta ask yourself 
Am I ready? 
I can't see a damned thing! Does it end? 
And if you still plunge into the abyss after asking that, 
you only have your instincts to get you out. 
It isn't the tunnel you are waiting for answers from. 
It's you. 
(Sharon Day) 

Autumn time brings with it reflection after the busy season, turning inward, tucking in, hibernating, nurturing, and family. It is a time to look at things in a new light.

Using some photos of abandoned sites, let me help give you a new perspective on the dying off of the old, the stasis, and then the rebirth of springtime to help you see where you are headed in the year ahead.

Isolation is a condition of neglect. 
When you don't attend something, the environment takes over.
If that environment is negative, it takes up camp in what was once a refuge. 
(Sharon Day) 

Just because you tuck it out of sight 
does not mean it no longer exists. 
(Sharon Day) 

If you give it opportunity, it will grow. 
If you let nature do what it does best, it will renew.
The control you thought you had over Mother Nature,
was purely an illusion. 
Her will is continually renewing. 
(Sharon Day) 

When it's trying to take you down, 
retreat to the windows.
Find a place to get a perspective. 
Climb higher. 
And higher still. 
(Sharon Day) 

If you think you don't make a difference, 
consider your places of amusement.
They remain in stasis until you bring action and give them purpose. 
The world waits for your action. 
It needs a purpose. 
(Sharon Day)  


Trust that you will adjust to and adapt to even the most challenging of situations. 
Just know that you will not get rid of the obstacle.
You will simply prevail in spite of it. 
(Sharon Day) 

The water owns the land. 
But, you own the sky.
(Sharon Day)

A house of God unattended 
is a promise never spoken
to an ear still awaiting.
(Sharon Day)

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