Thursday, September 21, 2017

Vintage Halloween Masks: How To Make the Look

Let's face it, mass-made Halloween masks don't really do it for most of us. We see vintage pictures of old handmade masks and cringe. They are nondescript and vague, emotionless, like demon-possessed bits of folk art. So, how do we get that look without paying for an actual vintage mask? 

Let's begin with purchasing - 

There's a shop online that sells vintage masks and costumes called Goblinhaus. Etsy and ebay also have vintage masks.

If you are of the mind to make your own, some supplies you might want are these - 

paper bag

In the movie "Trick R Treat" the kids on the bus were wearing the best ones I've ever seen. Totally horrifying. 

Here's some real vintage masks to inspire - 

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