Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"The Fog" Classic Horror

John Carpenter's 1980 movie, "The Fog," has become a classic to most horror lovers. The reason is pretty straightforward, you take something from nature and make it sentient and it is terrifying. We are helpless enough in fog, but then add vengeful ghosts and we are in terror.

This movie "The Creeping Eye" was said to have inspired Carpenter's "The Fog."

Adrienne Barbeau, who played Stevie Wayne, did a most excellent job modeling her DJ voice after this sultry-sounding DJ, Alison Steele, "Nightbird." 

With proper lighting, fog and silhouettes of vague intruders, "The Fog" is a suspenseful watch. 

The lighthouse used for the movie was Point Reyes Lighthouse in California. It is rated as the windiest and foggiest location in California.

The intro to the movie was added afterwards, as the movie was a bit short and ironically this set the tone for the whole legend of the movie.

This video is really worth the watch to learn how they made "The Fog" and listen to the actors tell the in's and out's of the making of a movie that over time became a fan fav. 

"The Fog" has made it way into our horror movie/Halloween time watching schedules and will have a place there indefinitely, no doubt!

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