Monday, September 25, 2017

The Essence of Autumn

Autumn is perhaps the most widely loved season of all. It is the reward for sticky hot summers and the transition to bitter wintry cold. With it comes the glory of the most colorful world before it all turns black and white. Let's have a look at just what is the essence of autumn - 

Winter is for the mountains, spring is for the garden, summer is for the beach, but autumn is for the heartland....

The autumnal colors are so loud and yet the only sound is that of scratching leaves blowing across the damp ground. The distant smell of woodsmoke, mushrooms, molding leaves in crisp air and turquoise sky make for the most sensory-stimulating season! 

Harvest and festivals are filled with gourds, apples, squash, and pumpkins. We turn to our precious farmlands that built this powerful nation. 

We take to the outdoors, our noses and fingers chilled as we hike, rake leaves, take long bike rides or canoe.

Long drives through colorful parks is a weekend agenda. 

Autumn is a time for outdoors, for bonfires and raking leaves, for taking long drives and hikes. It is a time to chop wood and prepare for the coming cold. It's about harvest and eating rich and filling foods like chili and stews.

It's a time for birds flying south and wearing sweaters.

And when days start getting shorter and we tuck ourselves in, it's time for the best part of autumn -

Light some autumn-scented candles, put on a horror movie, make a caramel apple pie (put caramel candies into the apple mix), heat up a crockpot all day long with a magical pot roast or stew. 

However you like to enjoy the season - the time has come!

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