Small Creatures Living in Warm Conditions Found in Antarctica!

The ice in Antarctica averages over a mile deep. But, researchers have probed some of the volcanic areas to find some real shockers!

The volcano Mount Erebus has a reputation as the most southerly located volcano in the world and the second tallest one in Antarctica. Being a volcanic entity, scientists were curious how that interacts with this notoriously frigid area. 

Ice fumaroles are formed at the vents. 

It is reported that caves within the volcano have thinner ice, allowing light inside, and moderate temperatures, sometimes 77 degrees inside.

When researchers studied the inside of these caves, they discovered DNA of algae, moss, and small creatures. Although they have yet to encounter these creatures, there is a possibility that this life within the volcanic caves is something completely knew to man's knowledge of recorded DNA on this planet. While studying the DNA, scientists found that it came from unknown entities.

More extensive studies of the caves are warranted at this point to take a look at the environment and gather any evidence of just what is living within.

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