Monday, September 4, 2017

Easy and Super Cheap Pre-Halloween Ideas!

Do you have a printer? Photoshop or photo program? A spare white sheet you bought cheap at Goodwill? Do you have any battery-operated candlesticks and fishing line? Vodka and candy? Maybe you have some Goodwill baby dolls. Have a dirty car?

If you want to print out a paper model of a haunted spooky building and glue it together into a 3-dimensional model using heavyweight paper, scissors and glue, here's your link (see photo above for example) LINK to download models for printing and constructing.

Don't hesitate to make a zombie horde in the back window of your dirty car using some paint brushes and paper towels on your finger to wipe away and create some drama.

Candlesticks floating effect is easy with thumb tacks in the ceiling holding fishing string tied to the candles. This looks awesome down a hallway.

With a sheet or burlap (eyes and mouth cut out) you can pose with a friend and photoshop in front of the Myers' house with Michael in the window above.

Vodka in a mason jar with candies like red hots, sweet tarts, candy corn, etc, makes a great new cocktail ingredient. Just let them sit in the vodka a few days and then strain. 

Start going out at sunset and capturing shadows in photographs. Sometimes they are spectacular. Here, people were waiting in line in front of some metal siding with the light casting their shadows. Below, a cornfield with a spotlight and a grave with the setting sun....

You don't know what to do with baby doll parts? 

If Spirit Halloween is open near you, go inside, try on some masks, check out the animatronics, get in the mood. Try other stores too like Home Depot, Walmart, Michael's and Joann Fabrics. 

For now, immerse yourself in the smells of fall and the sound of horror soundtracks. Go through the store and smell all the scented candles, pick up some candy corn to nibble, or find horror movie music on YouTube and make a playlist. Play thunderstorm sounds in the background or the movie "Halloween" with its creepy music, while you are doing work around the house. 

Sometimes, the best way to get your pre-Halloween juices flowing is to taste some of the fall flavors at your favorite locations like Starbuck's (iced pumpkin spiced latte) or Dunkin' Donuts (pumpkin and maple pecan latte and pumpkin donuts).

There is no need to see the magical holiday of Halloween as a financial burden. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to be thrifty. 

You don't have to buy presents like Christmastime. You don't have to grill foods like Labor Day. You can, however, use old and worn items to be thrown out and repurpose them to make something creepy - the uglier the better! And you can enjoy hot drinks again as you listen to the sounds of your favorite horror movies in your collection. 

All you need is a blanket, some ingenuity, and a love of all things fall, horror, and Halloween.

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