Thursday, September 14, 2017

Creepy Marionettes

Marionettes are dolls held by strings and manipulated by those hiding behind the screen or curtain. Their stilted almost drunken movements are disturbing to watch, combining what we fear about ventriloquist dolls with their human controller and slack jaw with the ability to animate.

Marionettes are freaky and some video artists and street artists also get the magic with the unsettling movement of these spindly creatures -

Although stop-action, this has all the qualities of eeriness. In fact, Brothers Quay are one of my favorite creepy doll filmmakers ever!

Here is my ultimate street artists of all time -

Royal De Luxe is a French mechanical marionette street theater company. It's on my bucket list to see these artists' work live some day!  I cannot imagine seeing these live!  They put  the magic back into our world. I have never seen anything like it and I think it's my favorite street art of all time. I want to live in a world that has this steampunk feeling, retro-nostalgic, bigger than life, and eerie art in it. Forget those cheesy cheap inflated floats of Macy's Parade, give me this!!!

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