Cornfields and Scarecrows

Cornfields are end of summer and into fall. They represent a harvest that grew a country, utilized for a wide variety of foods and even fuels. But, to most, the cornfield is a place to get lost, a maze, rows with no sense of direction. And, the best of them are guarded by silent sentinels - scarecrows!

Making scarecrows is a creative endeavor and placing one outside, a sign of bravery, as their silhouettes at nighttime can be quite sinister.

Utilizing styrofoam heads, Elmer's glue, and burlap, I enjoyed making a few scarecrow heads with themes.

Here is Croweater

Here is the Skater Punk 

Are you feeling the cornfield and scarecrow theme? If you want a little help, here's a list of inspiring movies - 

Cornfield Horror Movies

Night of the Scarecrow (my favorite!)

Hallowed Ground 
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers II
The Maze
Joy Ride
Rites of Spring
The Fields 
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
The Messengers 
Children of the Corn (series)