Corn Mazes After Dark!

Corn mazes are everywhere this time of year and bursting at the seams with families that want to take the tykes inside the cornfield in the daylight, but what happens at night at corn mazes is nothing short of magic, for a lot of reasons. Let's discuss them - 

Arrive at the corn maze near sunset. Be sure to photograph. This is an amazing opportunity. Just see some of the cool shots - 

Don't forget to shoot down the rows of corn casting shadows and look for shadows on the ground, rotting corn - 

Go ahead and pose - 

*Infrared "night vision" camera* 

Mazes often hire some folks in costume to scare you between the rows and it can be effective.

Smart Halloween Haunts are having some great adventures in the corn as part of their attractions. The very best haunted attraction I ever did was a goatman-themed one at FearFarm in Glendale, AZ. I felt transported to the scariest most quiet, eerie, and terrifying corn patch. The only thing that was frustrating was being stuck on the hay truck. I wanted to go out and watch the interactions instead of cruising by them. 

Take some video, add some music later on. I use Windows Movie Maker - free. It is easy to use. Here's some videos inspired by the corn mazes -

Whether you are going for the center or just wandering around to soak in the scent of green and wet earth, the sweet corn, the sound of the stalks scratching in the wind, the screams of those who are approached by costumed actors, a corn maze at night brings on more senses, more atmosphere, and a feeling of being inside a scary movie....