Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What Unexplained Mass Lurks Beneath Antarctica?

An anomaly in Antarctica seen on satellite imagery has many wondering if there was a possible mass extinction type of impact crater long ago. Others, however, are speculating about Hollow Earth, Nazi bases, Alien bases, and more.

Here is what SecureTeam had to say - 

This crater, referred to as Wilkes Land Crater, is a buried object in the earth that causes a gravitational pull from up to 300 miles up from earth, pulling things to earth as with a great mass. It is 320 km wide of dense material at 1.6 km beneath the continent. 

(LINKIn fact, we find colorful proof of that in the mainstream's own descriptions, where we are told the satellites feel a pull high up in orbit, as if they were in a strong vortex reaching up into the sky. In fact, they are. Which means the anomaly isn't strictly or rigously a gravitational anomaly. It is a unified field anomaly, and the flux is caused by the charge part of the field, not the gravitational part. What the satellites are measuring isn't a stronger tug from gravity, but a push from the incoming charge field vortex. This is why the “gravity” maps don't match the mass and crust maps: the force isn't a function of the mass present, so we shouldn't expect the maps to match.

For the scientific-minded, this is an excellent explanation (above). What is causing the gravitational anomaly may not be a mass in the earth (which something of this size, should create a warble, one would think). It may be a different presence there creating this issue and the one above is a fine example.

Understandably, an anomaly like this, with the odd attention the continent has created from Nazis to many countries, even dignitaries and celebrities, retired astronauts and government types, it is understandable that the mystery takes on new proportions. Did the Nazis know if this location? Is it an alien base? Is it the location of Hollow Earth? Did it kill the dinosaurs?

And, for some imaginative folks, it might be something like this - 


  1. With these kinds of rumours, I can understand why people who pay attention to the Internet keep hoping for disclosure. But it's not that way. There are disclosures of top secret matters from the 40s and 50s now and only a tiny fraction of the population pays any attention or cares. Even if we knew exactly what that thing was in Antarctica (and anything else of that nature) how many people's world views would honestly change?

  2. It sounds as if they have a concept that this is a buried meteor fragment from long ago. It possibly could be. There are a lots of explanations, but I think any time science says they can't confirm something, conspiracy folks can go nuts. I like to put some realistic boundaries on such claims. I may not go right to alien bases, but I am willing to entertain other natural world explanations for this oddity.