Top 10 Best Horror Movies in the Woods

Let's go into the woods and get our scares on. Here are my top 10 best horror movies that take place in the woods -

The Final Terror
A multi-star cast performs in this movie about some young adults going into the woods on a project for the forest service only to run into someone in the woods who doesn't want to share.

The Blair Witch Project
College kids pursue a video documentary for school based on a local legend of a witch in the woods. When they head out into the woods in search of the mystery, they find something evil.

Prophecy (1979)
A scientist goes to the woods to check out what a logging company is doing and if they are polluting. What he finds are abominations created by pollution.

Sleepy Hollow
An investigator is sent out to a Hudson Valley area to look into a death only to be pulled into a scary ghostly legend.

Wrong Turn
When two cars crash on a back road in West Virginia, the occupants strike out on foot only to be confronted by local inbreds who are bloodthirsty.

College kids in Norway follow a hunter to find out that he is hunting real giant trolls.

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road
A woman taking a mountain road breaks down and finds herself fending off a maniac called Moonface.

Friday the 13th
Camp Crystal Lake was fun until one boy died and the camp closed down. Now, some young folks have come to fix it up and get it running again, only someone hasn't forgotten the boy that died there long ago.

Dog Soldiers
A military exercise in the Scottish woods turns very dark and very dangerous as something with teeth and claws is running around killing them.

Evil Dead
Friends go for a getaway a cabin in the woods but end up unleashing something evil.

Others forest-setting movies:
Dead Snow
Evil Dead
I Spit On Your Grave
Cabin Fever
Day of the Animals
Cabin in the Woods
Cold Creek Manor
The Watcher in the Woods