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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Extremely Blatant Interactions!

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 4
Field Visit #2
January 15, 2017

I haven't been to the site in 14 days. I wondered what the reaction has been to my not coming sooner. I usually go out to the site weekly. The weather has been fluctuating. Last weekend, the temperatures was in the low 20's. The wind chill was in the teens. It rained last night and the temperatures this past week have been in the 60's and 70's. The weather conditions were back to normal. I headed to the park and arrived approximately 11:09 AM. The temperature was 68, mostly cloudy and wet. The wind was 14 mph, humidity 91% and precipitation 24%. I brought my bike today and left for 1B at 11:15 AM. My photo observations started on the ride to the site. 

The following were noted:

#1. and #2. Off the bike/hike trail to the south, these 2 sticks were noted. looked like a possible glyph to me.???? I have encountered this layout a number of times at the site and off other parts of the trail.

At 11:21 AM, I entered the 1B tree line. I did the 3 flute notes and proceeded to the pipes. At the pipes a lot of things happened. In the pipe I use for storing things, A number of items were removed from the storage pipe and scattered around pipes #1 and #2. Another strange thing occurred. On the side of pipe #2, a stick man painting was made. this was with my can of white spray paint. I'm not sure who or what did all this. The stored pipe items were scattered but not taken. My back pack and good camp chair with bag was not taken. the chair was still inside the pipe in it's bag. I was confused by the whole incident here at the pipes. Maybe another person wandered thru here, found the paint can in the backpack and did the spray painting etc. Maybe. Why wasn't the chair and backpack taken? they could have easily been taken. Actually, all my major items left here in the past have never been taken. That has included the following: another larger and better backpack, the camp chair with storage bag, Bionic ear with parabolic dish, head phone and camcorder tripod. I have also left a map case filled with 5 cans of different color paints for my use at the site. The case nor the paints have been taken off site. Here's the photos around the pipes:

#3. One stick has been moved away from the rest and one seems to be missing.????

#4. Wow! On pipe #2, the sticks I laid out last visit have been removed and items from my backpack were on the pipe: toy horse, toy soldier, and the ball with happy face. ???? the horse and soldier were on their sides. It looks like the ball has been placed on its side. The face is not looking straight up.

Bizarre! My backpack was removed from the storage pipe and most items within removed and scattered around the pipes. Other items left in the pipe by the pack also removed and scattered.????

#5. thru #10. My scattered items.???? Some seems to be in a pattern. These include: balls, my wood knocking 2x4, a water meter cover, Blue and white spray paint can lids, blue painted sticks, Native American drawings in plastic sheet, blue and white spray cans, yellow caution tape, my small backpack.

#11. Wow! Another unusual thing. The mini-bear which recently went missing was stuffed upside down in the backpack opening.???? Whoa! I don't know what to think.

I then did the 3 tree knocks as is my custom.

#12. The earth ball was found on the east side of pipe #1.????

#13. The white paint stickman with male anatomy emphasized.???? Again, I don't know what to make of it. again, If a person like us, why not take the back pack and the camp chair with cover? Ok, another weird item on the pipe. If you look close this was the pipe with the earth painted on it showing Atlantic and Pacific oceans , a crude drawing with paint of North, Central and South America, Europe and Africa. Over the SW part of the drawing is the word 'Dick' in light blue. It blows my mind. This would show that a person like us must have done this. When the drawings were done on the pipes in August 2015, one of the drawings was inside one of the pipes and showed a penis with testicles. This was painted with yellow paint. I really believe the 'Forest People' are more like us in many ways. After nearly 4 years at this location, I think they read my mind and can read the minds of people coming out here. No scientific proof just my opinion from my experiences out here.

#14. The other 2 toy soldiers were found at the base of pipe #2, on the east side.????

I removed the sticks from pipe #1.

#15. I returned the blue painted sticks, the tree knocking 2x4, and the back pack to the storage pipe. I removed the extra water meter covers I had stored in the pipe.

#16. I returned the earth ball back onto the tree crook.

#17. I put mini-bear on a tree crook near the 'Elmo' doll.

#18. and #19. Oh no! I just noticed another item painted on another pipe. Now I was freaked out. 'BudE' was spelled on another pipe.???? I was given that name by a clan of 'Forest People' at another research area many years ago. I have a photo of me from many years ago at a research site in Oklahoma. I put it out at the NE Texas site at that time. One of the 'Forest People' wrote the name that the clan knew me by, on the plastic cover, over the photo. They wrote 'Fune Bude'. I expect I gave them plenty of entertainment and laughs while trying to interact with them. This was over a 2-1/2 year period. I have used a copy of the photo out here attached to the food bucket to see what reaction or recognition may take place. Well some kind of reaction happened.

I just noticed that my walking stick from the storage pipe was missing. Not a store bought stick but found out here for my use.

#20. and #21. A recent tree break not far from the pipes to the SE.????

#22. The red tire has been removed from the tree crook I placed at last visit.????

#23. Here we go again. I put the red tire in different tree crook approximately 4' off the ground.

I moved on to the deeper site.

Whoa! The whole site has been messed with and turned upside down. Here what happened.

#24. thru #26. The food items have been taken from the bucket.???? Wrappers, etc. were scattered over the area.???? The large rock was still in the bucket.????

#27. thru #32. All the previous set-ups have been overturned, scattered.???? The mini-monkey and bear-bee doll were found both face down.???? The setup items around, under and attached to the hanging bed sheet have also been scattered a moved around.???? The sheet corner stick has been moved back under the sheet at an angle. The same as last visit.????

#33. and #34. This shows the middle of the site. 'Lil Joe Young has had the white cotton stuffing pulled out from him and piled up.???? "Clyde' was hanging upside down on the stick swing I made.???? The plastic garbage can with collected balls and other plastic items were overturned.????

#35. and #36. At the green gifting bucket, the deer corn container was taken from the bucket and found empty.???? The empty container can be seen on the ground not far from the blue tire. The tires and painted rocks have been moved some.????

#37. A close up photo of "Clyde' found in the upside down position on the stick swing.????

#38. Another photo of 'Lil Joe Young' with his stuffing removed.???? There is a slit in his back side were the stuffing was removed.

#39. The food bucket with the rock removed.???? Inside are the remains of the cereal carton and the deer antler????

At this point, I started to cleanup the site. I finally got the site in order and started on new setups etc.

#40. Deer corn in 2 containers, fruit in 2 zip lock bags, small children's story book, plastic flute and rock art symbols book in another zip lock bag. all this is far the green gifting bucket.

#41. and #42. I moved the deer antler to this bucket tree. The deer corn I put on the log below the bucket. The other items were added to the bucket.

#43. The food items for the main bucket.

#44. The food items have been added to the bucket. The rock and kettle bell are on top of the food items at the bucket opening.

#45. and #46. Food bucket and tree and bushes with added hangings of 'BF' drawings in plastic covers.

#47. thru #52. New setups.

#53. Back to the pipes area. I took 'Clyde' and put him on the tree break near the pipes. 'Lil Joe Young' also on a tree crook near the pipes.

#54. and #55. All the animal dolls have now been moved to tree crooks in the pipes area. will they be messed with?

I departed the site at 1:38 PM. I did one tree knock on the way out. This is something I typically do when leaving the site.

This concludes Field Report #2 for Sunday January 15, 2017.

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