Monday, August 14, 2017

Testing a Potential Portal

We have yet to prove that portals (doorways to other parallel worlds) exist, but by coming up with testing methods for potential portal areas, we might be learning more about their existence.

I am reminded of Skinwalker Ranch, a popularly known "portal" situation in Northeastern Utah. They reported the usual portal phenomenon; poltergeist activity, shadow people, Bigfoot, UFOs, strange lights, other cryptids, ghostly voices. And it was studied extensively and reported about in the most compelling book Hunt For the Skinwalker.

There are regions that have such phenomenon frequently and become known as "triangles," such as the Bennington and Bridgewater Triangles in New England. 

Characteristics of portals
Strange lights in the sky, UFOs
Alien-like beings seen and other odd cryptids
Bigfoot reported, sometimes Dogman
People going missing regularly
Lantern-like spooklights in the woods
Ghostly voices heard
Missing time
Local Natives' legends repeating odd happenings
Geological features, like limestone, quartz, granite, caves

Tackling the study

I recently started working with a researcher who has studied a particular remote cave in the Northwest Region of the US where he has repeatedly found odd ghostly sort of phenomenon. 

Upon reviewing some photographic evidence, I have shifted my focus from haunted to potential portal. Having a portal within a cave is a dream situation for someone who wants to know how to capture the parameters, variety of phenomena, and document, as well as understand how it works. Being able to pinpoint and contain the entry/exit point is a great research situation.

In this situation, an apparition was photographed five years apart in the same cave. It seemed like a ghostly situation until one photograph showed a beast-like shadow figure emerging in an area where other photographs revealed nothing at all. This shape had concentric outlines or "auras" around it as if it were walking through water and parting it with concentric rings. This had me wondering about a potential portal. Apparently, someone or something in the area thought of it as haunted by spirits, as they left sagebrush hanging above the entrance. (Sagebrush is commonly used by Native People to ward of evil spirits). 

Note: I will be sharing these photos and more about his cave situation after the researcher has had a chance to gather more information and catch the cave by surprise. The plan is to also set up a true complete study (explained below). This ongoing research will be shared on the blog to help other researchers know findings and methods they might apply to portal situations in their areas. 

I have just started working on how to study this situation and here are some of my cursory thoughts - 

Considering sound, as ancient man preferred his caves to generate 110 Hz when chanting, gauging the Hertz level when chanting in the cave might help discern if this was a "magical" cave to the ancients who might have known a bit about these stone vessels.

Considering electronic voice phenomena, audio recorders would be vital.

These regions often have battery drain, so preparations need to be made for this eventuality. In the particular cave of study, photographs on the cell phones went missing for all researchers and for some of them, the photos showed up later on, after leaving the cave, and out of order. Be certain to use several different devices for imagery capture. 

In the case of this cave, the researchers found that their photos were missing from their phones after they departed the cave and one researcher received the photos back in his files a month later, out of order and then weeks later found a photo placed as his phone's background wallpaper that was not a photo he had taken. 

Temperature variables are possible for any drain of energy or alteration in the focus of energy.

EMF (which should not be present in a shielded environment).

Checking for response to things of a spiritual nature is another course of study. This would depend on the practices of that area, but in this case something of a Native American origin would be ideal for responses. 

Verifying the content of the rock and amount of seismic activity in the area, would be another important factor.

Research any history or legends relating to the cave or region, possibility of ancients being buried within.


Spare batteries should be left outside the cave. Any spare batteries brought inside, should be within a metal protective box. 

Photography/video should be undertaken after entering the cave, but allowing for dust to settle and people within to stay still so as to reduce the amount of dust orbs that will cloud the vision of true phenomenon on recording devices. 

If photos are taken on a cell phone, immediately get outdoors and try to send those photos off to others out of the area to hold onto should your cell lose the photos. Consider changing your memory card on your camera and placing the one just used in a safe place outside of the cave.

Audio should be undertaken with a few audio recorders in various locations around the cave. Let the participants sit very very quietly while a question is called out every 20 seconds, allowing that 20 seconds for a voice or sound to be laid down on the recorder (that were not heard with the ears).

Some tools that would be helpful for study

FLIR – thermal imaging looking for temperature changes.

EMF – a meter to see if there is electromagnetic fields (should not be present in a shielded cave).
IR – Infrared to see in the dark.

Digital hand-held audio recorders – to pick up language and sounds not heard by ears.

Compass – to see if there is disruption.

Research/Geological maps – to study the rock content of the cave, as well as research into the local legends, tribes, and knowledge about the cave and the seismic activity in that area.

Metal detector – ancient giants and cultures would bury their dead with copper adornment and metal instruments.

Spiritual – test with audio, video, and photography while someone says a prayer.

Offering - leave a crystal, a coin, or other item to see if it is taken.

As I work on this case of a potential cave portal, I will be developing more tests for the researcher(s) and gathering more evidence for review, as well as advising on the next steps and the next as we build experiments that can help specify what type of energy is being utilized and what about this location makes it ideal for the process. 

I would think any shifts in the environment this tight location should show us more about the phenomenon. Either temperature, sound frequency, electromagnetic fields, compass directions, you name it - any signs of something changing in a constant environment of a cave should signal us not only of location, but what might be the incidental findings. 

Imagine a rock dropped on a pond. You don't see the rock, but you see the ripples, knowing something altered the water's surface tension. So, it might be with portals. We can find out what frequency/energy has a reaction and discern what was penetrated.

We may not be able to prove portals yet, but by proving unusual energy disruptions and patterns, as well as phenomenon within a very localized area, we might begin to understand how it works. This is sort of like tapping on a wall to find a hidden door....

Expect portals to be an ongoing study on Ghost Hunting Theories. If you think you have a portal in your area you are researching, please let me know. I might be able to advise further approaches and methods. 



  1. A terrific post! I can't think of a local portal around the Ottawa area, although I would say that the Gatineau and Laurentide hills have strange spots; also the Red River in Quebec. There is a town next to the river of the same name.

    The mood up there is creepy! There are hiking trails along the river, and it feels like one step off the path and you would get lost, lost, lost. Vibes unsettling enough that I have no inclination to go back there - ever. For some reason I had heard rumours that the Raelian cult was active around there, but I think they are further south. I blogged about the mood up there.

    I am currently writing a short story about a portal of the type you describe. It made me think that the Rip Van Winkle story is obviously a portal story - perhaps it might be worth reading that story and pinpointing the exact locations mentioned in the story - see if they are still locations which have paranormal or portal phenomena.

    1. It is a very interesting thing if you consider all the forces of earth and atmosphere coming together and creating potential portals. I like to think of it like this - we can put our finger on a photograph, a 2-dimensional image and it makes contact. At some point, our world and others must make contact.