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Black-Eyed Kids: Who Are They? WHAT Are They?

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Black-eyed children have been the talk of many para groups and curious readers who wonder - just what is going on here?

I cannot tell you if black-eyed kids exist, but I can say that there have been a lot of witness accounts and they seem to have many features that ring familiar among them. Sometimes, when I have not had a personal encounter with a subject, it's best for me to just say "if this happened, how did it happen?" 

What are black-eyed children? Well, some say it started as an urban legend, but with steadily more and more reports of seeing them. This reminds me of the shadow people phenomena. It was not widely spoken of until more modern times, but those who have seen them are in great numbers! You have to eventually begin to take these reports under study.

Black-eyed children follow a scenario: They are children, with no whites to their eyes, pure black eyes, and pale skin. They are often soul-less in personality (think of Men in Black). 

BEKs approach adults in public places or even knock at your door and ask to be let in or ask for assistance, but the adult feels uneasy and as if there is something not right about the child. The child tries to avert his or her eyes so you don't see them. And, they are sometimes said to possess some level of mind control or mesmerizing qualities.

Perhaps the best way to look at this phenomena is to listen to a witness encounter and then knock around some possible explanations. 

(my art piece - more on that below)

(Source link for full story) A man was going to camp alone in Michigan for some quiet time away from his busy life. He stopped at a rest stop bathroom before he was going to head out on the trail. What he encountered changed his mind quickly.

He entered the bathroom to hear some kids murmuring. When they looked up, he was shocked - 

"The god damn kids have completely black eyes. No whites to their eyes at all...This is a pretty small bathroom and they were not more than three feet away. At first I can’t do or say anything. I am literally frozen with fear. The water runs over my hands, but I can’t feel it. I’m so deep inside my head at this moment that all I can hear are my thoughts, which were something like `Ahhhhhh!.' All joking aside, I was petrified...It was only when one of the kids, a brown haired boy that I would guess was around twelve took a step toward me that my fight or flight instincts took over control from my fear. I turned off the water, why I bothered I don’t know habit I guess, and moved a step back from the kids and toward the door. Seemingly sensing my fear the boy didn’t take another step toward me. Instead he stopped, on retrospect I can guess he was trying to keep from frightening me too much – didn’t work kid! `Can you help us?'
 That’s what the boy said when one of us finally spoke...."

The man said he couldn't and rushed to his car to drive off and away from a feeling of utter threat and dread.

This feeling of dread is a continued theme among BEKs and also in the presence of shadow people. Considering the human body is a fair barometer of "weirdness," "paranormal activity," and "threat," these two beings producing similar reactions is telling.

(my art piece - more on that below)

Possible explanations

Alien: Understandably, when something seems otherworldly, aliens become the "catch-all" explanation. But why would an alien need to masquerade as a child who is asking for assistance? If an alien could do such shapeshifting, why would they pretend to be children? Why not imitate your wife and walk right in the door? 

There are some holes in the idea of them being an alien, the greatest being motivation. Why? What could they accomplish in a child form? No one has reported an end goal of the interactions. 

Spirit of a murdered child: In this explanation, the fact that they are children makes sense. We would equate a ghost of a child to be child-sized. We would not necessarily equate them with being able to hitch rides, tug on someone's jacket to get attention, or hang out in places a dead child's spirit would not hang out (like the rest stop story above). 

They do ask for assistance or want entry into a car or home, but they do not seem to be in any distress and they often come in pairs or groups, which is a most odd behavior for a specter. 

As these beings repeat questions and seem almost automated, they do not show signs of having ever been human, just an automaton.

Demon: The black figures, odd size, and feels they elicit make people jump to the demon explanation immediately. They do not seem to have a deadly agenda, just an unsettling one. A demon would surely get right to the point of its intentions if such a thing exists. The fact that these little people are insistent but rather passive does not show a lot of signs of true threat, only implied because they are so odd. 

Shadow person: I will throw this one out there. There is another 3-4 foot tall being that is purely black among us - shadow people. Shadow people seem to curiously want to watch us but freak out when we see them. What if one donned a human skin appearance? The only thing on them that would remain black is in the eye sockets. They could move among us without suspicion or detection as something "other." And would carry that sense of dread and doom we have when we run into shadow people or BEKs. Well, it's a consideration....

Ultimately, like many other unexplained activities, we can't even prove that BEKs exist, so all we can do is suppose - if they do exist, what are they? The study of their behaviors and detailed witness encounters help give us many clues to understanding. 

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