Area 52: The OTHER Secret Research?

As if Area 51 in the Nevada Desert hadn't caused enough hubbub and controversy, there is a new supposed location gathering interest, as well. It is said to be underground and vast. And they are calling it "Area 52." 

Given the fact that seekers of truth have been studying Area 51 from the distance allowed (and sometimes a bit closer), it would seem feasible that a second site, underground, might be just the ticket the military needs to get secret work done without satellite imagery haunting them.

This secret base is said to be in the Pahute Mesa and houses 25,000 people. 

A television report claimed (LINK) "Lear further alleges there’s a high speed underground train that runs from Area 52 to Las Vegas, a concept that Nevada Test Site tunnel workers say is highly unlikely. And he says pilots told him there are secret runways out there that open and close like zippers.

"They’ll look down and it will be forest or desert or natural landscape, and all of a sudden it will unzip like this and they will see a runway and then the landscape zips back up and it looks like normal," he explained.

There is always a great deal of speculation about what is going on inside potential underground facilities and the alien connection will always be made. It seems that more and more underground bases should exist for the simple reason that most satellite imagery today can give away everything happening above ground. 

Is there something nefarious going on at this Nevada facility? Well, we will likely never know, as like Area 51, those secrets are kept tight and isn't even buried underground like this other supposed facility.

Still, we will continue to watch for strange activity and speculate.