Adult Blanket Forts: Ultimate Friday Date Night

On Friday nights, you're glad to just be done with the week, but how do you crash? How about an ultimate indulgence? Build a blanket fort and make it the best stay-home date night ever!

Look at your resources available - Xmas light strings, battery-operate candles, blankets, pillows, sheets. If you need more, consider Goodwill for cheap sheets. This might become a regular date night practice.

Consider pizza, Chinese takeout, or something romantic to eat like artichoke dip, pizza dip, salsa, guacamole, and chips. 

Something easy to handle might be ideal, like these lil gems above.

Make a brownie mix and bake and when hot out of the oven, press in Reese's Cups or mini Mounds or other favorite miniature candy bar. 

Set the lighting soft and pile up the movies for the big screen or soft music. When your loved ones arrives, usher them into their PJs before they are allowed in the fort. 

You might just decide to keep it up all weekend. 

Consider using glow sticks and glitter to make these jars of light.

Or put a glow stick in a white balloon and leave them all around the floor.

It doesn't get more magic than that. 

Some horror movies that might be right for cocooning - 

Dog Soldiers
Cabin Fever
Evil Dead
Wrong Turn
The Blair Witch Project
The Sixth Sense
The Creature From Black Lake
The Day of the Animals
The Haunting

I made my own for movie watching this evening. Sofa recliner with table inside and a room divider behind the sofa to drape the blankets up and then a chair and a plant shelf to hang the blankets on in front. Roomy and ideal. BTW, a few beers will be had - it was a very long week!