The Urban Sasquatch Journal: A New Year and Lots of Activity!

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 4
Field Report #1
Sunday, January 1, 2017

The start of the new year is now. Just to remind everyone, I mainly have limited my research area to approximately 200 square yards starting at the only major creek in the area. The creek is at the south end of the boundary. My original spot within the square was in the south end. I called this location site 1A. After spending over one year there, I moved further north near a group of 10 large construction pipes. This was the pipes location or site 1B. After considerable time around the pipes, I then moved everything further east. This I still called site1B along with the pipes area. I now call that location mid-site. The latest move took place on Saturday February 11, this year. This was to the NE area of the site. This I call deep site. Any exploring or hiking into new areas have been mainly along the major creek moving east and then going into some areas at the woods line North along the creek. Other than that, I have remained pretty much in that 200 square yards on field visits.

Interaction has continued thru these past 7 months. Most things happening in the past have continued. I have extended an invitation for MK Davis to come here to spend a week this fall to help in my final conclusions concerning the activity at the site. MK has graciously accepted so we'll see what happens. Ok. Let's proceed with field report #1 for 2017.

I arrived at the park around 2:09 PM. The conditions were the following: temperature was 74, partly cloudy, wind SE 4mph, humidity 73%. I rode my bike today and went straight to 1B. I entered the woods line and parked my bike. it was 2:23PM. I did my 3 flute notes and headed to the pipes. At the pipes, I did my customary 3 tree knocks. At the pipes, nothing I had set up was out of place. The 4 dolls & 2 balls were still as I left them. Also, I had 1 item in the storage pipe and it was still the same.

Photo observations:

#1. and #2. Possible stick glyphs on the west side of pipes #1 and #2.????

#3. thru #5. Possible stick glyphs on the east side of pipe #1.????

I took both possible glyphs off the ground and moved them onto the top of the pipes. I also added a stick to each.

#6. On top of pipe #2, looking to the south.

#7. On top of pipe #1, looking to the north.

I began to move to the deeper site within 1B. Whoa! As I started moving east on the path, I started smelling something really stinky. ???? I looked all around but saw nothing. I continued on the path. The next observation was startling.

#8. and #9. Wow! The red tire had been moved from the deeper site approximately 75' away to a spot near the walking path.???? Trying to get my attention? It definitely did that.

At 2:41 PM, I heard some ground crunches to my SE towards the creek. ???? A lot of leaf and limbs clutter thru the woods.

#10. I took the red tire off the ground and jammed it into the tree crooks seen in the photo. The path is close by.

Whoa! I continued to hear movement to the South. Leaves being stepped on. ????

I finally made it to the deeper site. A number of interesting observations here.

#11. thru #13. Near the food bucket tree, the rest of the food left from last visit has now been taken and wrappers etc. are on the ground nearby.????

#14. The kettle bell and rock was put back in the bucket but on opposite sides.????

#15. The food bucket was found at the angle seen The top part has been pulled away from the screws holding the bucket parallel.????

#16. Near the blue ball with face setup, a large limb was found on top of the right side water meter cover. ???? It had been farther back to the rear of the setup near the tree. To me it was moved onto the water meter cover.

#17. thru #19. Three of the walkway water meter covers were moved.????

#20. The lid to the deer corn container was found over near the water meter covers walkway. This was far away from the setup.

#21. and #22. Two sticks seemed to be laid out near the lid.???? To me looks like in a particular way.

I stopped at this time to pickup all trash items in the immediate area. Then more observations.

#23. The 2 buckets were found on their sides.????

#24. The mini-pick/shovel with the sticks have been moved around.????

#25. and #26. The bed sheet has been moved again to the same position as previous. ???? Instead of being out on the corner leaning out, it was under the sheet leaning in.

#27. The Texans ball and the large red screw holder at the base of the ball has been moved slightly.????

#28. The green gifting bucket was found empty.????

#29. The flute, book and marble have been removed from the green gifting bucket and was on the ground below the bucket.???? I could not find the marble as it was probably under the leaf clutter.

#30. and #31. At the deer corn container plus other food items set-up, the tires and rocks were scattered. ???? The ground bucket which has been tied off to the bush was on its side.???? The red tire mentioned earlier was part of this tire stacked setup.

#32. At the far top of the photo, something small and white looking can be seen. This is the plastic zip lock bag which contained food items.???? This was found approximately 30' east of the setup.

#33. and #34. Again, at the top of this photo, the deer corn plastic container can be seen. I found it approximately 30' to the south of the setup. It had the sides pushed in.????

#35. The yellow caution tape had been centered on this arched vine. It was moved to the south edge of the vine.???? I took it down and added to the trash bag.

#36. thru #41. All new setups for possible interaction. We'll see.

#42. I put a new plastic container with deer corn in the green gifting bucket.

#43. Food items for the main bucket on the main tree.

#44. I have put the food items in the main bucket. I have reattached the bucket back tight to the wood 2x4.

#45. The rock has been put back into the bucket opening with the rock on top of the food items.

#46. and #47. Additional new setups.

At this time I decided to leave. It was 4 PM.

#48. and #49. On the way in earlier, I noticed these 2 sticks. There are no trees in the immediate vicinity. They are on the north side of the biking-hiking trail. This could be a possible ground glyph. ????

This concludes Field Report #1 for Sunday January 01, 2017.