Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tall White Alien Base in Pennyslvania?

I was contacted by someone who has been living rather "underground" from public radar with concerns of government tracking. He has revealed a very interesting story. I find this interesting for two reasons - I recently learned of Iran supposedly having a tall white aliens underground base and Weird USA book covered a legend in this area of albino people hiding out. When there's smoke, well, sometimes there's a heat source.

Here is what this man, I will call "Will Robinson" as he wishes to remain anonymous.

"Haycock Mountain (known by locals as "Ghost Mountain") in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania was a Tall White (aliens) base.  We, however, called them "Big Eyes."  And, I was inside their base. Although it is now abandoned (sometime in the 1970s), I will describe my experiences.

A priest we knew, had his cabin on this mountain. My friend and I camped in his summer camp. He tasked us with finding the entrances, which we located. This task is what led the Tall Whites to abandoned the mountain base. 

The priest was part of a group know as "The Organization." They were our handlers.  As children, we were able to approach these beings without suffering any harm from their telepathic field.  Most adults would go mad if they got too close. 

I was friends with them, as was my lifelong best friend. There were other bases in Pennsylvania and Canada where we went to. The Organization was attempting to evict them.

Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania was peppered with underground tunnels. My friend and I went in through an access door in the Lehigh Tunnel on the Northeast extension of the turnpike and came out 110 miles later at Blue Mountain Tunnel.  When we entered the access door (which had been left unlocked for us), we found two overalls waiting for us, which we donned.

There was all sorts of construction going on inside. When we exited through an air duct, we went down to the turnpike and were driven back to camp by a state trooper who knew the priest. 

The Organization was run by the Catholic Church and they had members everywhere. We interfaced with various intelligence agencies worldwide. They had no problem sending us to places anywhere in the world. We went to every continent. We were on aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. We flew in all sorts of planes too. 

I was trained to pilot saucers by telepathic connection. I also used to see Big Eyes on my own time, as well, but by the age of 14, I was warned to not have any more "unauthorized contact." 

Even though this man's story is very incredible, also bear in mind that albinos had been reported in legend on Haycock Mountain and the Catholic Church has accepted life on other planets is possible.

Intriguing, eh? 

It gets even more interesting when you look at this film from the Blue Mountains in 1958 - 

What might be going on in this area in Pennsylvania? Well, some folks in the area have come forward with reportedly odd lights on the mountain and a certainty that there is something otherworldly going on in present times.

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