Scariest Movie Humanoid Monsters

Sure, there's King Kong, Godzilla, Cloverfield, and Aliens, but what about monsters that are human-like?  Sometimes, those are the most horrifying because we assume they also have our intelligence and ability to plot -

Pan's Labyrinth

This monster was seriously disturbing. It was the combination of something that should not occur -- eyes should never be in the palms of one's hands! It makes it just distorted and surreal enough to horrify.

The Descent

This is probably one of my favorites of the human-like monsters. The concept of humans evolving inside of caves with possibly night vision, and slimy pale skin, just disturbs, and the bat-like ears don't help to make me any more comfortable.

30 Days Of Night

Absolutely the best vampires in a movie ever! They were human but distorted and they were not charming or sexy, just pure soul-less feeding machines.

Dead Silence

This movie was a gem and the concept of this woman's ghost taking on the look of her precious ventriloquist dolls - something most people are already afraid of, is horrifying!

Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger was not only like a melting human being, but those  gloves with the razor fingers, just horrifying. That he could enter your dreams and slice you up there -- SCARY!!!


What is it with a little being that would scare us? Magic powers? The ability to come and go and mess with our minds? The little sing-song voice? That he's wearing such an adorable costume on such a ghastly creature?
Creature From the Black Lagoon

I have had a mad crush on the Gill Man forever! He was so graceful in the water and so tragically lonely. I had compassion for him and, at the same time, found myself studying the lake cautiously before swimming.

The Wolf Man

Anyone could be a werewolf if they get bitten, right? Full moon - most horrifying time! He's man, but he's animal man, so he is going on instincts and feral, can't be reasoned with, and wants to tear you to ribbons and bite you!


As a kid, Frankenstein scared me the most because he was a cobbled being from parts of dead people. He was revived with electricity. And, he had no soul and no intelligence. Just a big, strong, angry monster with a horrible face. This one was with-the-lights-on-only kind of monster!