Never-Before-Seen Chilling Evidence of a Humanoid in a Cave! Part 1

Very rarely in the field of research am I confused by a piece of evidence. It is easy to mete out what is genuine or not, properly interpreted or improperly interpreted. But, in late April 2017, I was presented with a piece of evidence that confused me so greatly that I believe sharing it with the public might help relieve the stress of explaining it. 

The back story is nearly as chilling as the evidence, so be prepared for the release of something truly creepy. This will be done in four parts over these four days to give as much information as possible.

All I can say is, I'm presenting it and you make out of it what you will. I will give you every bit of my exploration into explaining. Ultimately, you either digest this information or move on. 

I have no personal agenda other than to help the public to see things you don't have access to in order to understand our universe better or to work your skills at evaluating evidence. It is always my hope that someone else has encountered such a thing and may shed light on this...unexplained entity.

With all those disclaimers in place, let me begin - 

Don Monroe, an adventurer, explorer, and researcher at it for over 60 years, was hiking around the 50 square mile region in the Northwestern United States that he tended to survey repeatedly for decades, always looking for changes, taking footprint castings, performing back and forth exchanges with those who might dwell inside of caves. 

As an extremely experienced hunter and tracker, Don lives for every encounter in the great outdoors, especially the places the humans don't go. He has made amazing finds over the years daring to poke, prod, crawl, and climb where others wouldn't think to explore. 

This one particular time in the early 2000s, he found a dead bird that had been eaten, the left wing intact, and the blood fresh. He continued to hike on. He found a place where someone had knelt down and put their right hand in the sand and used their left hand to dig a hole down to water. The handprint was most unusual in that it had very long fingers. But, being in sand, not something he could likely cast.

He followed along to find another fresh kill bird in the same manner with the left wing intact. While he puzzled over it, he noted an obscure shadow in the rocks and inspected it to find a stairstep-like descent into a cave he had never seen, one that was so hidden no one would have known it was there. If he hadn't approached from the angle he had, he would have easily missed it. 

For 11 years he had passed 50 yards from the cave and never saw it. In fact, this time, he had to be 10 feet away to see the 30 foot wide x 12 feet high entrance.

Within, Don found a large cavernous room with an ancient fire pit surrounded by yellowed old bones. The first thing that came to mind is something from the ice age. The firepit area was obviously very old. There were signs of yet another dead bird and so whoever had been killing and eating the birds recently, had been in the cave. He was cautious, wondering if there was a vagrant within.

Feeling he had enough sense of the unusual hidden cave, he left.


It would be almost six months later when Don finally solved the puzzle of who to trust to go in there with him and do a thorough review. It was a researcher he knew who was in his 80s and said he wanted to go on another adventure in searching for hidden clues. 

Don debated if the man could make it. He had a bad hip and would need to use two canes to maneuver, but Don had hiked with him before and knew his capabilities, so he offered for this researcher, Massey, to go with him.

He didn't realize at the time just what they would come upon together and what Massey would endure alone that would change him for the rest of his days....

Part 2 (capturing of the evidence)
Part 3 (subsequent findings in the cave)
Part 4 (conclusions)