Hauntingly Creepy Abandoned Churches and Graveyards

There is something unsettling and serene about abandoned churches and graveyards. We think in terms of spirits when we think of both locations, so what happens when the spirits are forgotten?
Let me start with some photos from my treks that inspired me to find more of these lonely places.

Here are some lovely photos from online that show some amazing finds -

Hellview Cemetery Halloween Haunted Attraction (LINK)

Get inspired for Halloween yard haunts - 


  1. Shaz, We have a lot of small rural churches that I know of in my travels around NSW and Victoria. I also know of cemeteries that have disappeared on the grounds of other churches. There are also lots of Family graves going back to our Pioneers on what was their land. I went searching a number of years ago now at a site, that I was doing some Landscape Archaeology research on that had two graves of a mother and child that died when their buggy/kart had an accident.


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