Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ghost Hunting Theories in Top 50 Paranormal Sites in the World!

Ghost Hunting Theories is honored to be #8 in the top 50 paranormal blogs in the world. (Guess that makes the blog in the top 10!)

It is an ongoing challenge keeping up with information the public doesn't usually get access to, fresh points of view on the subjects, and a wide variety of unexplained, freaky and horror-related subjects.

Thank you all for believing in the thrust of my blog. It has always been about the inquisitive minds that I hope to stimulate and give all the information I can to come to personal conclusions.

We're in this discovery together!


  1. Congratulations! Well deserved!

  2. You deserve it, this is an awesome blog! Brakefoot

  3. Sharon Day discovers and uncovers the facts around myths and legends. She is an accomplished author and artist. She speaks of many subjects that are of great interest. I see why she is in the top ten of her subject. Fun and informative. Check out her blogs.

  4. Well done, Sharon! Congratulations. You have a fantastic blog.