Towns No One Wanted: Johnsonville, Connecticut

What was once a mill town in Connecticut until the mid 1900s, Johnsonville was bought out by an eccentric very wealthy man. The town changed hands and yet remained empty the past 20 years. After many different entities owning it, it would seem to be the quintessential town no one wanted.

It is truly a lovely Victorian Era village (LINK) and quite charming. Of course, as expected, the village is closed and there is a caretaker, but lots of lookie loo's come by and check to see if it's haunted. 

The original mill got struck by lightning and burned down. 

In 2014, the town went to auction. It is going for $2,400,000 and is made up of many buildings carted in from other areas for the eccentric man who wanted to make it a kind of self-made town. In some ways, it gives a distinct vibe of "House of Wax" (remake) movie. 

At this point, it's obvious that the town would be ideal for someone seeking to make a business out of it, whether recreational, therapeutic or otherwise. 

Still, a town that couldn't quite make a go of it and changed so many hands and is a quilted bit of architecture and origins makes for a most odd feng shui, wouldn't you say?