The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Smelly Trail

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3
Field Report #54

Friday, December 23, 2016

I decided to visit the site today. I had a 4 days holiday weekend. I wanted to do my regular bike riding today but the weather was nasty. I arrived at the park approximately 9:42 AM. 
The conditions were as follows: temperature was 66, cloudy and wet, humidity 93 and the wind blowing ESE 9 mph. It rained most of last night and while I drove to the park for this visit. I

Instead of biking, I hiked to the site. It took me approximately 20 minutes of brisk walking from the parking area to the treeline entry into the site area. At 10:05 AM, I entered the treeline. It's incredible that it's only 1.5 miles round trip to and from the site back to the parking area. 

I did my 3 flute notes and walked on over to the pipes. At the pipes, I did my customary 3 tree wood knocks.

In the area at and around the pipes, nothing was out of order. All the dolls and balls were as I left them the previous visit. I decided not to do any changes or new set-ups at the pipes this visit.

At 10:13 AM, I moved to the deeper area with set-ups. After arriving, the following observations were noted:

#1. thru #4. At the food bucket tree and around the base up to 50' to the south of the tree, the food items wrappers were scattered.????

#5. The rock from the bucket was now on the ground.????

#6. The kettle bell remained in the bucket upright.????

#7. The cereal bag wrapper on the ground with a stick across it.???? Looked interesting.

#8. The white soccer ball w/red painted face was removed from the tree crook and was on the ground.????

#9. and #10. Also, to me, it looked like 'something' had lain in the spot above the ball w/ wrappers all around. Looked as if something had eaten in a leisurely way. The large limbs looked like a 'head prop' for whatever.????

I picked up the trash items from around the bucket tree and immediate area.

#11. Food items for the tree food bucket. I added a new item. Jack Links Beef Jerky with a 'Messin with Sasquatch' heart shaped box top. I hung the box top from the bucket wire handle.

#12. The food items seen in the bucket.

#13. I put the rock and kettle bell back into the bucket opening in front of the food items.

#14. The ball painted blue with a painted face was also now on the ground.????

#15. thru #17. Part of the hanging bed sheet was now under the rest of the sheet.???? It looked like the long limb I had attached to the bed sheet was moved or maybe a strong wind moved it.????

#18. The min-pick/shovel was removed from the vine crook at the hanging bed sheet and was on the ground.???? A 30" long stick was on the ground in front of it.????

#19. At The little set-up by the gifting log, the left side ball has been slightly pushed in.???? It was completely round when placed last visit.

#20/ I repositioned the hanging bed sheet into it's normal position.

#21. I did a new set-up with sticks and the mini-pick/shovel.

#22. Another new set-up by the gifting log using the 3 balls, 3 small sticks, Y plastic piece and long, thin bone painted with blue spots.

#23. The plastic garbage can lid was removed from the near-by tree crook and was on the ground.????

#24. thru #27. At the deer corn bucket set-up, everything was messed with and moved.???? The bucket, food items gone, zip-lock baggies torn open, tires and rocks moved, container mashed in, lid gone.????

#28. I repositioned the deer corn bucket and the added food items can be seen.

#29. I repositioned 3 of the tires (1 with a rim) and piled 8 rocks on the tire rim. The food items were in the bucket under the top tire with rim and rocks piled.

#30. A set-up of painted water meter covers, sticks, blue ball with face. I put these at the possible reclining spot near the food bucket tree.

#31. At last weeks broke off ground limbs/logs, I left as a pointer with stick on top. They have been chewed or gnawed.????

As I walked just north of the immediate site, I encountered a musky, stinky smell. ???? I spoke out loud and asked who was out there?

#32. and #33. I attached this extra bucket to a tree along the path at the site. I added the bucket to put other gifting items. This trip I left a marble and plastic flute. The height is 5'-4" to the bottom opening of the bucket.

#34. and #35. I hung 2 sticks from thick string lines.

#36. I laid out 14 water meter covers as a walk way to the tree food bucket. This was really different.

I'm finished with visiting the site today. I left the approximately 12:10 PM. I may try to return tomorrow.

This concludes Field Report #54 for Friday December 23, 2016.